For Your Entertainment

Studio Album by released in 2009

For Your Entertainment review

The big event for the minorities and everyone

When Adam Lambert emerged in the eighth season of American Idol, only a few brave spectators could predict that this androgynous masquerade-item loving guy would win – but it was only before he started singing. Rumors about his sexuality were circulated in order to minimize his chances for the victory. However, firm and calm answers by the singer for the questions about his private life had just the opposite effect – they made the public like Adam even more. Thus, Lambert became the first gay American Idol winner. Anyway, he mostly got the leadership due to his prolific taste, wonderful vocal range and ability to mesmerize the auditory. In this matter, the debut disc by the artist, titled For Your Entertainment, would not only strengthen Adam’s reputation – he really knows how to attract and amuse the listeners – but also strike with the performance. The work over the long-play, as it always goes on the major labels, was fulfilled with a brigade of well-known musicians and song-writers – Lambert cooperated with Max Martin, Rivers Cuomo of Weezer, Lady GaGa, Linda Perry, Matthew Bellamy of Muse, Justin Hawkins of The Darkness and many others. For songs on the disc were co-written by Lambert himself along with the musical world celebrities. The disc is a monolith, eclectic and stylish, in spite of the fact that so many different star individuals put the hand to its building.

For Your Entertainment is labored for parties

The disc For Your Entertainment is definitely constructed for the celebrations, clubs and parties, while each song brings emotions, passion and rhythm. The full-length opens with the glam-rocker Music Again with the memorable chorus, energetic beat and striking falsetto by Adam. It is followed by the tune that gave the disc its title - For Your Entertainment. It perfectly mirrors the essence of the whole creation – to entertain the listeners and to summon the gala atmosphere anywhere you here Lambert’s voice from the dynamics. The excellent pop blockbuster Whataya Want From Me with the heart-felt lyrics was written together with Pink, while the no less intriguing pop rock melody Strut is the proof of Adam’s ability to compose knockdown songs himself. The prodigy of Rivers Cuomo and Adam Lambert, named Pick U Up, is a sensation for the brain – it is a sparkling club rock track with the pulsating chorus, possessing all the qualities of a potential hit. Muse’s Matthew Bellamy contributed for the disc the orchestral number Soaked, in which the artist has space to demonstrate his voice – the sizeable range and the power of the vocal chords. Singer Lady GaGa presented the long-play with such a fiery disco track as Fever, which is filled with dynamics and brightness. The wish to continue and try in spite of all the doom’s testaments in the composition Aftermath is followed by the plea and desperation of the balladry piece Broken Open. It gives a pleasant emotional richness into the second part of the disc. The album finishes with the powerful and soothing down-tempo composition Time For Miracles.

Lambert put the new level for the debut disc

The musicians, each time finishing some star-making projects, hit many problems after the show is over. Firstly, sometimes without the assistance of producers and a company of composers they can be of less or even no interest to the public. Secondly, they take risks, recording the debut disc, as it has to answer the level they demonstrated on the show. Well, Lambert successfully hit both targets – he is a bright and gifted personality by himself, while his album For Your Entertainment simple strikes the imagination. It seems to the first album of such quality, produced by an American Idol finalist for the whole history of the program. Besides, the colorful and diverse work For Your Entertainment puts a new level for the debut discs of those performers, which follow Lambert. The future show finalists are going to have a hard work to overdo Adam’s success. Mixing up a variety of style, the artist got this integrate and hit-loaded debut record of such quality that the critics immediately started comparing him to classical singers. It definitely means that is Lambert manages to surpass the testament by the second long-play and develop his talent from year to year, he can prepare already for becoming an idol of pop culture in the nearest future. Well, Lambert is used to hit the targets in a perfect way –and the disc For Your Entertainment is the witness of this.