Studio 1

Studio Album by released in 2006

Studio 1 review

Wiser, more experienced and more artistic All Saints

British pop girl band All Saints has been through a lot since its formation in the late 1990s. The members of the band include Melanie Blatt, Shaznay Lewis and sisters Nicole and Natalie Appleton. Success came to the girls with the singles I Know Where It’s At, Never Ever and their collaboration with William Orbit, hit Pure Shores, which became a part of the soundtrack for film The Beach starring Leonardo DiCaprio and the second best selling single of 2000. Yet despite all the popularity and world wide fame, the band split in 2001 and the relations within it seemed to promise no reunion ever. Blatt and Lewis pursued solo careers and sisters Appleton formed a duo. Five years later though the girls have probably understood that all of them were wrong and have made up and reformed All Saints, signing a deal with Parlophone. This November their third studio album Studio 1 has seen the light of the day. With the beginning of the new epoch in its career All Saints has changed its style from classy pop to a more ska and reggae influenced dance music, that is why album Studio 1 is quite different from what many of the fans might have expected. Nevertheless this is the same All Saints, the girls have just become wiser, more experienced and more artistic.

Studio 1 is for the real connoisseurs of a quality pop music

Though the new record is different from All Saints’ previous works, it still does have one thing in common with them – wonderful diversity. Due to the constant change of rhythm, genre and tempo on Studio 1 is never boring to listen to it and the more you play it the more advantages you find on it. The first single Rock Steady sounds as confident as if the girls have never ceased working together, with wonderful backing vocals from Appleton sisters. Song Chick Fit is sure to be remembered for a long time with its beautiful melody, besides it is going to be the second single off the album. The mid-tempo composition On And On is the most similar to the band’s old style, and the most ska influenced songs are Scar refined with trumpets and lyrical Not Eazy. Too Nasty has become the most emotional reggae track filles with indignation, while Hell No is a hot тdanceable composition telling about a boy’s betrayal. Unique creation One Me And U is remarkable for the most unusual chorus on Studio 1, whereas Headlock opens with a great piano accompaniment and pleases with outstanding beats. Besides this is one of the tracks on which all the band members give full swing to their vocals. A merry song Flashback presents a mix of various genres and is perfect for dancing. The final track is the most powerful ballad Fundamental, closing this fascinating album. Full of memorable and interesting melodies Studio 1 is meant for the real connoisseurs of a quality pop music.

One of the most prominent girl bands of the last decade

With the competition growing hard and the appearance of new young female collectives it is going to be quite an undertaking for All Saints to win back the love and respect of the absolute majority. Nevertheless the girls are full of hope and inspiration which is clearly heard on each track of Studio 1. Due to successful producers Greg Kurstin, K Gee and Rick Nowells the record is going to become a new hit and mark the brilliant continuation of one of the most prominent girl bands of the last decade. The participants of it have tried to forget all their quarrels and offences and united their efforts to conquer the world once again. It is but natural that the collective is going to face serious critics. There have already been noted the accusations of similarity to Girls Aloud and comparisons to Sugababes. It has been covered that many have expected more from the band’s reformation. All Saints girls however do not fall in despair simply ignoring the evil tongues and believing in their fans’ support. They know from their own experience what envy and have drawn a useful lesson from the hardships in their relations. This is sure to help them further and soon we will probably hear something new from them, even more successful and unusual than Studio 1.