Because I Love It

Studio Album by released in 2007

Because I Love It review

Amerie is not scared to try new things

Artistic individualism is that thing every self-respecting performer should strive for. However, this path is quite thorny and full of complications of all sorts. But Amerie Rogers proves that the task is worth of the effort. She was probably not a main person on her debut yet quite popular disc All I Have, where all the songs were written and produced by Rich Harrison but she has fixed this situation quite promptly - her sophomore record Touch was almost entirely composed of her own songs, however Harrison's influence was still notable, at least her main hit 1 Thing was written together with him. But Amerie learns fast, today she feels herself quite confident and this is probably why she decided to refuse from Harrison's help when she started making her new album. Her third disc Because I Love It intends to pose her as a mature and original R&B songstress. She is not scared to try new things and she has her own independent opinion about the way her songs should sound.

Because I love It is hard to refer to a certain style

Of course the matter didn't manage without outside assistance, the album features a whole cohort of well-known producers including Bryan Michael Cox and Cee-Lo, but this time around Amerie has played an additional role of co-producer on more than a half of all represented tracks. But this is not the main point; a significant thing here is that she continues forging her own individual way in music. Because I love It, in contrast to her previous works, is harder to refer to a certain style. The album's basis is still compared of R&B and pop but it features an obvious influence hip-hop and classic soul music of 70's and 80's. This combination sounds especially distinct on such tracks as Some Like It and Crazy Wonderful. But the album's best moments are represented by Amerie's experimental attempts. For example, Take Control – the record's leading single – sounds quite unusual due to its funky guitar riff, staccato drums and rare bass strikes. Gotta Work is also a pretty good example, here Amerie's style becomes evident, the song includes many characteristic elements scattered throughout the album and features lots of brass instruments, intensive drumming and abundance of backing vocals. Another highlights of the album are less energetic songs, you may pay attention on a mid-tempo melodic piece Crush and a beautiful ballad All Roads.              

Amerie departs from mainstream

Because I love It is quite an ambiguous record. It seems like Amerie is consciously trying to depart from a mainstream sounding that many of contemporary R&B performers are using nowadays. A praiseworthy action indeed, it is doubtful whether someone of her conventional rivals would dare to make such a sacrifice. Yet, unfortunately the album would scarcely bring Amerie a mass popularity. Because I love It sounds reputable but it has some shortcomings too. Part of the songs sound a little boring – this especially concerns a second part of the album, and besides Amerie has included her hit 1 Thing in the album's track list – it looks as a security action, as if she isn't confident enough. But on the other hand the new territories she is trying to explore draw a clear outlook for the future. If she will continue developing in this direction than we all will have a chance to see Amerie as a songstress with a unique, completely shaped style within a year or two. Because I Love It is a sufficiently interesting and strong record and if original presentation of a popular trend is that thing you like in pop music than this album will definitely suite your tastes, you won't be disappointed.