I Came Around

Studio Album by released in 2008

I Came Around review

The former soloist of Dirtie Blonde

Amie Miriello, which has a colorful voice with a pleasant hoarse, started writing music and lyrics rather early. Living in her native Stanford, California, she acquainted with guitarist and composer Jay Dmuchowski. They began cooperating. At the age of seventeen, Amie moved to New York and entered the New School For Jazz And Contemporary Music, but soon dropped in order to concentrate fully on her career. The bright girl immediately caught the attention - Miriello and Dmuchowski joined the Dirtie Blonde rock band. The collective got a contract with the Jive Records, where such stars as Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake are subscribed, and released the self-titled debut with the hit Walk Over Me in 2006. The musicians played as the opening act for INXS and Teddy Gaiger, however, in spite of their initial success and big promises, Dirtie Blonde disbanded in 2007. Amie continued her cooperation with Dmuchowski, but the Jive Records managers wisely singed her as a solo act. Working with producers Kara DioGuardi and Rob Wells, Amie Miriello recorded and released the debut I Came Around this year. The titling track of the disc has already become the hit. One would like to think that such a brilliant start is only the beginning of the career of the new singer. According to this work, Amie Miriello has a great potential.

Memorable pop rock track on I Came Around

The long-play opens with the hooking and winding pop rock hit I Came Around. The light hoarse of Miriello's voice is harmonically stressed with the acoustic guitar, while the chorus of this song is sure to swirl in your head long after listening to it. On the track Brand New about momentary affection, the singer gives a sparkling tint of irony to her vocals, while the dark piano ballad Snow can boast of her sorrowful sighs. Amie skillfully uses her voice as the instrument in order to make the virtuoso and artistic demonstration of any emotion. The embracing and sad alt-rock ballad Grey tells about Amie's fright to earn money in her elderly years by singing in cheap and smoked bars. Well, taking in consideration the talent and the young age of the artist, she is sure to sigh with satisfaction soon - she is destined to earn enough in order not to work in her pension years. On this soft track, Amie's singing is strong and assured, demonstrating her vocal gift. The alt-country ballad Coldfront, in its turn, narrates about traveling and life during tours in which Miriello was with Dirtie Blonde. The song Beauty Of Goodbye is dedicated to the special fascination of partings and saying good-bye, while the track Mother Cries Wolf became one more charming narration by Amie, put on the music - due to this, listening to it is a double pleasure. The disc I Came Around closes with the infectiously galloping folk rock track Hey.

The assured beginning of the solo career

Amie's fate could urn so that she would have become the soloist of one of the most popular commands of the next decade. Unluckily, the disagreement within Dirtie Blonde resulted in its collapse. Although the creativity of the band was good, the absence of the unanimity about the members in the view on the music was obvious. Miriello did not lose her temper after such a stressful event - she launched the solo career, which was a lawful decision for such a bright and original vocalist. Thus she received the opportunity to develop her talent on its full strength without bring bound by the collective wishes. Miriello herself wrote all the songs for I Came Around, and this fact on its own is praiseworthy. Especially it counts that the songs are gorgeous. I Came Around as a disc has its own pace - it is the cute and amusing mix of pop rock, folk and alt-country, where no song copies any other. In some moments of the album, the influence of the singer's musical inspirations is too obvious - one can find there the shades of Alanis Morissette, Tori Amos and some other rock divas. However, this reverence to the favorite performances is rather excusable for the debut record - in fact, this is the second work by Amie, she still does not have enough experience and self-assurance. One will surely wait for the next work by Miriello, in which she will be oriented wholly on her creativity and write pop rock music, inspired entirely by her own individuality.