God's Project

Studio Album by released in 2005

God's Project review

A New York-based, Dominican boy band with their roots deep in bachata, derived from Latin America in the same way as the lambada? If that sounds unlikely, well, Aventura have managed to cope with it. Formed in 1994 in the Bronx by a group of four boys (Anthony Santos, Lenny Santos, Max Santos, and Henry Santos Jeter) who were determined to break Dominican bachata music out from its traditional base and fuse it with the other sounds they heard every day, like hip-hop and R&B. Interestingly, unlike other youths seeking success, they didn't give themselves over to a producer who might mold their sound; instead, they proceeded to learn all the skills they needed themselves, from production to instruments.

Now, with their new album God's Project they have touched sensitive topics. This LP projects important messages with love, relationships, child abuse, friendship and marriage among others. Album features Don Omar, Nina Sky, Tego Calderon, Anthony Santos "El Mayimbe". The major hits are going to be La Boda, Ella Y Yo ft. Don Omar, Ciego De Amor ft. "El Mayimbe". This CD has amazing stories you should hear.

Aventura comes correct on their fourth full-length album. The first improvement is the diversification of styles. For example, Un Beso uses flamenco and sounds great in non-forced style, no more phony serious musical exploration here. Besides Aventura is getting focused and bringing forth-good vibes. Every collaboration is brilliant as well, starting from Don Omar on Ella Y Yo. The reggae giant sounds right at home on this cut. Nina Sky honeys on You’re Lying, which is the album’s closer. Antony Santos graces Ciego De Amor. Here Aventura develops a unique fusion of bachata, bachata/reggae, rock,funk, and even a little hip hop,— Aventura decided to further explore their music and roots. The skits are even better and aren't as corny as past. The Audition Skit is definitely poking fun at themselves and the hood. Aventura are grown up and gone are the Generation Next days...they are ready to merge into the music and take the next step for their career.

Aventura came a long way, only to reach success in their journey. Since their album debut Generation Next they struck stardom with hits such as, Cuando Volveras and following their international platinum hit reached #1 in charts around the world with Obsesion along with Hermanita. Their 2002’s We Broke The Rules album became a hit with Latin youth, finding a strong crossover into hip-hop. And as the album's title promised, they did break all the bachata rules, bringing the style very much into the new Millennium without sacrificing the style's roots. While catching a growing U.S. audience, they also became popular in Europe, thanks to frequent touring and a different sound. They are inspiring, and a great story how inner city kids living in the Bronx, New York reached fame.