Gravity at Last

Studio Album by released in 2008

Gravity at Last review

No doubt concerning Ayo’s sincerity

The 28 year old singer Ayo is of Afro-German origin but her real creative work began in London and Paris and today she lives in New-York with her family comprising her partner, a reggae singer known as Patrice and their little son. This unique artist’s life has been far from a sweet one: in her early childhood she practically lost her mother who got addicted to drugs and went tp jail, and the girl and her siblings was raised by foster families. Fortunately when the girl turned 14 she was allowed to live with her father and it was him who helped her become what she is now. Working as a DJ he recorded her first demos himself and then she went traveling around Europe where she began performing as an opening act of some famous artists. Ayo’s debut album Joyful of 2006 has become twice platinum and this year her sophomore effort Gravity At Last is released. Combing pop, jazz, soul, reggae, ska and other styles in her music the singer fills each composition with the most vivid emotions and her pure vocals with occasional huskiness leave no doubt concerning her sincerity.

A very beautiful and contagious music on Gravity At Last

Album Gravity At Last is 13 wonderful tracks filled with the singer’s reflections and feelings which are extremely honest and therefore close to the listeners, and also a very beautiful and contagious music. Song I Am Not Afraid with reggae elements is Ayo’s way to say that there is no place for fear in this world whereas a marvelous blues Maybe (Ayo Blues) is the best example of introspection and breakup theme you have ever heard. The title of the beautiful song Love And Hate refined with melodious strings speaks for itself, here the performer has involved all the oppositions that comprise life. Ballad Better Days will make a competition to Alicia Keys’ best creations especially when fiddles marry piano while Change is a livelier number pleasing with the reggae elements and great back-vocals. A soft philosophic composition Piece Of Joy pleases with the wisdom one can have only with a rich life experience and another example of soil and reggae mixture Sometimes is remarkable for splendid guitars and the lyrics that is once again clear to everyone. Yet the most personal song for the singer is Mother which she wrote quite some time ago and it is the one that helped her survive the suffering she had in her childhood. As a strong woman she closes the record with her gratitude to Lord on a track with a simple title Thank You.

Ayo’s talent is out of the question

Ayo’s real name is Joy Olasunmibo Ogunmakin, her mother is from Romania and her father is a Nigerian. The singer’s nickname is her first name translated in Yoruba and the passion and emotionality of her ancestors are almost tangible in her music. Ayo had an inclination to playing musical instruments when still a child the interest being largely caused by her father’s vinyl discs due to which she knew the works of Pink Floyd, Donny Hathaway, Jimmy Cliff and Bob Marley and they have certainly influenced her creative work, indeed, her music is rather hard to classify. Ayo’s approach to music is extremely simple and yet she sets herself tasks that seem impossible to perform. The performer writes all the songs herself and her talent is out of the question. Both of her albums were recorded within five days only featuring a band that improvises practically all the time. Gravity At Last consists of amazingly light, interesting and many faceted mid-tempo compositions and some unimaginably soulful ballads. Ayo obviously keeps evolving as a vocalist and most probably her thirst for expressing herself is far from exhausted so we can expect her new creations in the nearest future.