Two Suns

Studio Album by released in 2009

Two Suns review

Bat For Lashes’ sophomore effort is made on a much higher level

Natasha Khan – an English singer and songwriter – first attracted everybody’s attention in 2006 when her debut album Fur and Gold was released. Performing under the pseudonym Bat For Lashes with a band of a changeable line-up this 29 year old singer is quite different from Amy Winehouse and the likes’ cohort mainly because of the unique lyrics. The most mysterious images can be found in her songs so the critics very soon called the singer a shaman. As for Natasha’s vocal skills they can be only admired of: in the manner of performance Khan is compared to Bjork, P. J. Harvey and Tory Amos. This year Bat For Lashes releases her sophomore effort that got called Two Suns. This album is made on a much higher level in the respect of arrangement and production provided by David Kosten and the texts once again amaze with the variety of images telling if Khan’s incredibly rich imagination. And the memorable tunes will easily make Bat For Lashes’ new work one of the most successful this year.

A bit strange, but passionate and bright love story on Two Suns

The album’s 11 compositions are united into a beautiful, a bit strange, but passionate and bright love story as each of them is somehow connected with this eternal feeling. The point is that Natasha is in a serious relationship for two years already and it is from them that she continues to get inspiration. Yet the songs’ protagonist on Two Suns is not the performer herself but her alter ego named Pearl who is by the way depicted on the album’s cover art. The opener Glass pretends at once to be a masterpiece: a complicated beat, a memorable tune and a completely inimitable singing are sure to enrapture any of those who know good female vocals. Sleep Alone is a an admirable example of how a folk performance can combine with almost house beat and a slow composition Moon And Moon conquers with a soulful piano accompaniment. The single Daniel is definitely one of the best creations in Khan’s entire career. First of all it is based on a tune filled with the strongest feelings, second, the song can boast a faultless arrangement and finally a contagious beat makes it fashionable and up-to-date. Another lyrical ballad Siren Song conquers with sincere lyrics on which the singer promises all she thinks best her beloved is in need of and with absolutely unearthly sounds whereas Pearls Dream pleases with the most unusual chorus on the album. The unforgettable complex drums are arguing with the vocals on Two Planets and a piano ballad Travelling Woman will easily make all the sensitive listeners cry of emotions. The album closes with The Big Sleep, a duet with Scott Walker performed with a sole piano accompaniment and sending shivers down the spine.

The range of Natasha Khan’s voice truly knows no boundaries

The singer Bat For Lashes is another example of how one can easily become successful and famous without much effort simply displaying one’s individuality. Having studied music and visual arts in college Khan is also renowned for her unusual and often weird videos. In fact it is one of them that made her really well-known: it appeared last year for the song What’s A Girl To Do and drew the attention to it at once. It features Natasha riding a bicycle on a dark road and other bikers with the heads of different animals appear unexpectedly from behind her back on chorus. It is quite probable that no less interesting videos are going to be shot for the songs on Two Suns, too. Although the album lasts forty five minutes only this time is quite enough to get you drowned in Bat For Lashes’ mysterious world. Besides even if you do not listen to the words just enjoying Natasha’s splendid vocals often surprising with unexpected contrasts you can make sure that this artist was not twice nominated for Brit Awards all for nothing: the range of her voice truly knows no boundaries.