Studio Album by released in 2008

Intimacy review

Bloc Party makes a party

The band titled Bloc Party, which name suggests a party, summoning all the people from the block, was founded in London not long ago - in 2003. However, from the moment of formation, the performing indie-rock and post punk artists have already released two discs, Silent Alarm and A Weekend In The City, while this year they finished the third creation Intimacy. The first work by Bloc Party featured the indie-pop-rock songs with the danceable tunes, while the second one was a collection of slower and darker tracks than its predecessor. This year, the musicians decided to change the direction of their work again. They created a firm basis for their band title, meaning the jolliness, capturing everyone in the area, and issued a danceable disc for a rock party. Kele Okereke, the leader of Bloc Party and the author of the majority of its material, said about the new long-play that it was going to differ from all they had done before. He also added that he wrote the songs to which the listeners would prefer to move rather than stay motionless. Besides, the first Intimacy singles, Flux and Mercury, show the innovative electronic element that the artists embraced within the disc.

The change of the direction on Intimacy

The album is opened with the fiery punk track Ares, striking the ear with the fierce drums and perfectly creating the atmosphere of the Intimacy disc. It filled with the primeval musical chaos, spiced up with the witty lyrics. This song can be called the true war anthem with the brassy and impressing finish. The following electronic thing Mercury is memorable for its guitar line. Among other strong guitar compositions, one should notice Halo and devoted to the topic of love relationship Trojan Horse. The song Signs strongly reminds of the creativity of the other young but promising British band Hot Chip and goes on the problem of ecstasy drug use. Actually, the artists already dwelt upon the problem of drugs on their previous long-plays. Thus, this topic is considered up to date by them and is familiar to Bloc Party. Well, no wonder four young and famous artists in their twenties sing about it. The noticeable track One Month Off with the thoughtful and sharp lyrics can be related to as the central composition on Intimacy. In this song, the new musical direction of Bloc Party is especially evident. The agonizing, full of despair Ion Square is also sure to astonish the listeners with its electronic slant. On this breath-keeping and powerful track the Intimacy album comes to its end.

Artists that constantly amuse the listeners

Every release by Bloc Party is not simply a big surprise for the audience in the matter of sound, but this time they presented Intimacy in a much-unexpected way. The artists released it so fast after eighteen months past their second effort that the disc issue became the mere sensation for the public. In this move, they demonstrated their indie-rock nature, taking no chances to earn money on the pre-release advertising of the new disc. Maybe, because of such a stream-like release, the album contains only ten tracks, but they all are surely worth listening. However, in spite of its surprise production, Intimacy can never be called raw of half-baked full-length. Vice versa, on this mature disc, Bloc Party took into the consideration all the flops of their previous works and synthesized they best qualities of the past records. The Intimacy effort combines the raw, unpolished indie-punk sound of their bright debut Silent Alarm and elaborated arrangements of A Weekend In The City. The disc also featured the innovative Big Beat influence. Overall, the strong part of the artists is their wild energy, added by the talent and professionalism. The fast danceable compositions stress these qualities of Bloc Party on the full turn.