Studio Album by released in 2006

Ce review

Caetano Veloso’s artistic story wasn’t easy

It seems like even old veterans of a worldwide scene are not given a moment’s peace by the growing popularity of garage rock. This may sound surprising but it is Caetano Veloso himself – a well-known Brazilian rock musician, who decided to try his forces in indie rock genre. In 2006, after a loud success of his A Foreign Sound album where he presented the all time rock hits with a specific Brazilian view, he decides to change his traditional style and releases his 40th in succession album Ce. Unlike many musicians of his level and age (the artist’s age is not the least of the factors in this case) he is not going to rest on his laurels but proves the old statement that life is a motion by his personal example. But if we try to remember his difficult artistic path than the choice he made doesn’t seem that unexpected. Having started as a rocking political dissident and rebellion he eventually matured into a musical alchemist of jazz, ethnic and pop. He used to be persecuted by Brazilian authorities, his songs were frequently censored and some were banned, he spent several months in jail and finally was forced to leave the country. And against such a background he managed to become a founder of the whole artistic movement in his country, influenced Brazilian music development and finally gained an international recognition. He learned to be topical and he is ready to march in step with time.

Caetano Veloso relies on the power of songs

The force of Ce lies in simplicity. Guitar, bass, drums and Caetano’s voice, sometimes accompanied by keyboards. The arrangements use only a necessary minimum, Ceatano relies on the power of songs, which sound integral and interesting despite all the unpretentiousness they have. This can be brightly exemplified by Musa Hibrida where a specific latino taste is sensed through a general funky mood. Of course the work of rhythm section is also worth mentioning, the musician keep a subtle verge observed – while the drums parties join a Brazilian love to expressive playing and jazzy dynamic tactile sense together, they never sound too saturated always keeping musical politeness for benefit of composition. Sometimes Caetano demonstrates his adherence to old rock, thus track Homem became something that can be called a Brazilian rock’ n’ roll, and played in a modern way at that. And a song Nao Me Arreoendo associates with gentle ballads of classic rock.

Ce sounds different from many of Caetano’s previous albums

Caetano Veloso tries to be diverse, the majority of his songs posses different characters. But everything he makes doesn’t sound like rock music in that sense we used to understand it. Even the latino bossa nova elements sound unusual here, despite that this genre is presented brighter then all the others. If Caetano’s aim was garage rock album than he succeeded on one hundred percent. Live sound, deliberately simple mastering; there are no superfluous sound effects or other studio wizardry. All that musicians have are their instruments but this is what makes them sound as true professionals. You must admit, that it would be hard for inexperienced performer if he would find himself in such Spartan conditions. In comparison with any previous Caetano Veloso’s albums Ce differs a lot, it can’t serve as an exemplifying one for someone who would like to meet with his unusual creative person in a full measure. But one can start exactly with Ce as it presents one of the brightest sides of Caetano Veloso – his unpredictability. And don’t worry about material quality, Caetano knows what he is doing.