Carnival Ride

Studio Album by released in 2007

Carnival Ride review

Carrie Underwood's more personal creation

The winner of the fourth season of American Idol competition that was held in 2004-2005 Carrie Underwood was born in a small town Checotah, Oklahoma. Her singing talent was revealed in early childhood, and at the age of thirteen she almost signed a contract with Capitol Records. Today her name is known to anybody fond of country music for that is the genre that Carrie has chosen for herself. Masterfully playing guitar, a runner-up at a college beauty contest and possessing really powerful vocals she was just destined to win at American Idol, yet little could foretell the success of her singles and the debut album Some Hearts released in 2005 to become the best selling album of the competition winner in all the history of its existence. This year Carrie Underwood presents us with her sophomore effort Carnival Ride. This time the singer has taken a more active part in songwriting than when working on her first album, so Carnival Ride has become a more personal creation for her, and is sure to outshine its predecessor's success.

Unpredictability and impetuosity of life on Carnival Ride

The album's name, Carnival Ride, according to Carrie herself symbolizes the unpredictability and impetuosity of life, and each of the tracks reflects the thought one way or the other. The opener Flat On The Floor is a rhythmic song with guitars and fiddles prevailing that ends with a great high note doing credit to Carrie's vocals. A story of a simple girl who falls in love with a football star is told in a melodious song All-American Girl, and the first single off the album So Small has already become popular among the listeners of the country radio, its lyrics are full of unusual metaphors and really deep thoughts. A slow composition Just A Dream is one of the most emotional tracks on the album telling a story of a girl whose boyfriend is sent to war and is killed there, and is devoted to all the American soldiers in Iraq. Get Out Of This Town is a more pop song of a romantic escape together, and a typical country song Crazy Dreams gives an idea of what people from small towns dream about. A magnificent ballad I Know You Won't touches the strings of the heart leaving no one indifferent. A melodious mid-tempo love-song I Told You So is addressed to a person whom the singer wants to be with and a humorous track More Boys I Meet proves that Carrie can sometimes be ironic about failed relationships. The album closes with another mid-tempo ballad Wheel Of The World in which the artist has presented her seeing the way the world is created.

A character positive in every way

One of the most successful singers at the age of twenty-four Carrie Underwood is a character positive in every way. Not only is she faithful to the style that she has been fond of all her life, but she has been involved in all the charity tours that American Idol has made and has visited Iraq to support the American soldiers. She is a vegetarian and a member of animal protecting organization PETA. As for the music she sings the best way to make sure she is talented is to listen to both of her albums, for they are a bit different and each of them offers something special. Another achievement that differs her from the other competition winners is the quantity her awards that inspires with respect. The singer can boast more than one Grammy awards already, and also some prizes of American Music Award and Billboard Music Awards. Record Carnival Ride has become more than a worthy continuation of a brilliant career, and one can have no doubt that with the enthusiasm and commitment that Carrie Underwood possesses she will win again more than once in her future, and the new creations will not keep us waiting long.