Play On

Studio Album by released in 2009

Play On review

Charm and strong emotions in Carrie Underwood’s hits

One of the most successful American Idol winners country singer Carrie Underwood does not need any presentation for quite some time now, unless you are completely uninterested in her genre. Even if it is so you are sure to hear about this talented singer very soon for she has been at the back of the pack with her idol Shania Twain for a long time. There is no less charm and strong emotions in Carrie Underwood’s hits but they offer even more boldness, wittiness and deep thoughts. Curiously it is country music that has allowed this girl to tell the whole world of her ideas concerning a perfect relationship, about what she thinks the most important in life and at the same time the singer never stops having fun as much as she can charging her listeners wit the most positive emotions. Her first two albums have not only made Underwood a world-famous singer but also the possessor of a multitude of prestigious awards and her fans have been anticipating the third work, which is a wonderful album Play On released this November and fully justifying their best hopes.

Fresh memorable tunes on Play On

From the very beginning of her creative work Carrie Underwood has successfully synthesizing country and pop music actively adopting guitars, fiddles and drums and preferring fresh memorable tunes. The same goes about her third album: on Play On you will find both igniting compositions like the opening first single Cowboy Casanova and touching ballads such as the already super popular Mama's Song. The former is a trenchant, joyful, utterly unserious number that a self-confident artist can permit herself, the latter is a deep sincere growing up daughter’s addressing her mother asking not to worry about her. One of the most meaningful pieces Carrie has ever performed is the track Change – it makes it clear that she is concerned about the world appealing to us to make small things that may seem unimportant at first sight that can result to change the world to the better. The contagious rhythm of the song Undo It combines greatly with its lyrics, a rebuff to an unlucky young man, while the ballad Someday When I Stop Loving You has proved to be one of the most sensual and soulful on the record. Its mood contrasts with a classic country composition Songs Like This that does Carrie credit as a genre representative as well as the song This Time. A light rock flavor in the form of electro guitar on Unapologize makes this song another album highlight and the closing title ballad Play On pleases with a very beautiful tune and a simple message – go on playing even when the game is obviously lost.

More and more wisdom is appearing in Carrie’s works

Carrie Underwood can be very different in her songs but it is always clear that those are simply different sides of one and the same personality, quite mature and integral. The artist herself has not yet got used to being praised and remains modest and sincere striving to give people as many positive emotions as she can with the help of her music. Therefore it is no wonder that Play On is very similar to her previous works – Carrie does not make any experimentation consciously as she is well aware of what kind of songs she is best at and goes on performing them. Perhaps the only thing where we can trace some changes is the themes. More and more wisdom is appearing in Carrie’s works and it is connected with how to make this world at least a bit more beautiful, cozier, kinder and cleaner if it is impossible to reach perfection. We can be sure that Carrie Underwood will continue render these ideas to the listener on her following creation because it has been clear since the artist started singing that she is not one of those who give up easily.