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Cassie review

Cassie adheres to simple topics providing her with the support of a young fan base

The American pop and R&B singer Cassandra Ventura, professionally known as Cassie, was born in New London, Connecticut, in 1986. In 2004 Cassie graduated from Connecticut College and by that time she has already been working as a fashion model for quite a long time. Once she got acquainted with producer Ryan Leslie, and when in January 2005 her mother asked to record a song Kiss Me for the birthday, she did it together with Ryan, and it became the beginning of her music career. Later P. Diddy heard her single Me & U played at a club and in 2006 signed her to his Bad Boy Entertainment. This August her eponymous debut album Cassie has been released, with the single Me & U having become the song of the summer heard everywhere on the dance floors. The style of the record is basically R&B and pop, and the songs are arranged in an up-to-date manner with plain repeating electronic hooks built around light catchy melodies. As for the vocal parts, Cassie cannot boast a powerful breathtaking voice, but its sensuality adds a special flavor to her songs. The singer adheres to simple topics like relations between boys and girls and having fun, providing herself with the support of a young fan base and a sure success at clubs and parties.

Cassie – a sweet and sensual album

Ryan Leslie and Cassie have done a very good job and today we can appreciate its results. The album Cassie opens with the irrefutable hit of this summer Me & U, a nice love song in which she addresses to her boyfriend. Long Way 2 Go is the second single on which Cassie is practically rapping giving advice to men who think too much of themselves that they have a long way to go. This is a catchy track with great synthesizers and unusual bass parts. A more professional and interesting sounding of About Time demonstrates Cassie’s singing skills and ability to put her heart into a song. The melodious composition is devoted to the breakup and looking for strength to move on. Ryan Leslie and Cassie’s beautiful duet on Kiss Me and a superb instrumental background make the track absolutely unforgettable. Call U Out is an up-tempo club song on which Cassie claims her discernment and that it is useless for her boyfriend to hide anything from her. Ryan Leslie appears once again on Just One Nite, here Cassie once again surprises with the expressiveness of her vocals and Ryan brings a tasty portion of male rap. Ditto has a unique sounding though it is not so suitable to be played at a club being an interesting pop song meant for listening rather than dancing. The closer Miss Your Touch ends the sweet and sensual album with a slight shade of sadness.

A real summer pop record

Cassie started taking formal voice lessons only at the age of 16, so it is too early to judge her real aptitudes. From the debut album however it is quite obvious that she has got potentials and the only thing the singer has to do now is to develop it. Professionals have assisted her and this has helped her a lot to make the first step. There is no doubt, that further on this help is going to be given her also, but the audience expects her to work hard and put her own skills at stake. The first album can be forgiven a good deal of flaws and weak points, and the full impression of Cassie is quite positive. Dancing songs and a few lyrical ballads are a good way to start the career of an R&B and pop singer, and simple true-to-life themes and catchy melodies refined by professional transcriptions are Cassie’s ticket to fame and fortune. There are some things demanding a more careful attention like getting over the stage fear, but all in all everything is going fine. Cassie has got what many beginning artists often lack nowadays – luck. She has met a brilliant producer Ryan Leslie right in time and after that her things went straight up. Regarding the release of a real summer pop record, her talent of songwriting and people near her we can only guess what’s coming up next.