Taking Chances

Studio Album by released in 2007

Taking Chances review

Celine Dion taking risks

Although the thirty-nine-year-old Canadian singer Celine Dion has released over thirty albums in French and English, she has been only recently acknowleged the best selling female artist of the world when the number of the albums sold reached the figure of 175 million. Dion started her music career at the age of eighteen, and at first sang mainly in French. Today she is a singer famous all over the world, gathering crowds of spectators on her live concerts none of which has been yet a failure. This year the singer releases her thirty-fifth creation. If the previous works of Celine Dion presented the pop music with the changing tendency towards rock, Taking Chances is in many respects an experimental record, on which the singer tries her hand in such genres as rock, pop, R&B and soul. Bravely taking risks the artist has discovered new opportunities for herself, and the album has resulted to be a success. Working with various songwriters from Linda Perry to Ne-Yo has yielded its fruit, and Taking Chances has all the chances if not head the best ten pop releases of the year than at least get included in it.

Emotionally powerful and heartfelt Taking Chances

Taking Chances is a beautiful collection of songs each of which is refined with Celine Dion's amazing vocals that actually can make any song a hit. The album opens with the title composition Taking Chances, a mid-tempo ballad close to rock with the deep sense, of being with a person you hardly know without worrying of making a mistake. A wonderful song Alone is a great orchestra number with an unforgettable melody, and the superb beat of Eyes On Me reminds the oriental music a lot. The album goes more up tempo on Shadow Of Love, a great rock composition with amazing guitars and gets back to ballad on Surprise Surprise, one of the best songs here with a complicated tune and powerful arrangement. Celine is full of hope on New Dawn telling that the future will bring more joy than we expect, and piano lead track Song For You amazes with the most heartfelt singing of Dion, nobody will remain indifferent here. Another ballad World To Believe In would be great for a soundtrack of a romantic movie, whereas I Got Nothin' Left is a R&B number written by Ne-Yo, that suits greatly to a vocalist like Celine, and Right Next To The Right One is a guitar accompanied song that is a confession to a man, that is very dear to the singer. A bluesy composition That's Just The Woman In Me has the most interesting lyrics that can be understood by every woman and can be useful for men who cannot understand their wives or friends, and the closer Skies Of L.A. is a soulful slow sad song and the best way to end this emotionally powerful and heartfelt album.

The new album hits the target

When a singer of Celine Dion's level releases an album it is always a great happiness for her fans. Yet this time they should be even more happy for the artist has got some new images for her on Taking Chances and each track prepares a surprise. One of the images mentioned is probably depicted on the disc's cover: a vamp with a magnificent fleece and an intriguing low neck of an elegant black costume. The cover and the album's content are very well harmonized for there is really a new Celine you are going to hear, although her main qualities of an artist are still all here. She is still capable of controlling her voice as nobody else, either making it low or going up, therefore one can listen to Taking Chances as much as one wishes, just the same as the classical music. Yet it is the most main stream collection the singer has ever made that will let her widen her horizons and attract the attention of those who are not too fond of pop music only. On the whole Taking Chances hits the target and now Celine Dion's fan base is positive to get bigger.