Studio Album by released in 2006

Unappreciated review

Cherish is just starting its way towards world success

After an ill-fated attempt to release the debut album in 2003 with Warner Brothers, the Atlanta based girls band Cherish finally did it this August, having signed with Sho’Nuff/Capitol Records. The new record called Unappreaciated and preceeded by the single Do It To It produced by Don Vito has already hit the top 20 on the American charts. Cherish comprising four biological sisters Farrah, Neosha and twins Felisha and Fallon, is intensively compared to Destiny’s Child and its other contemporaries, but the band has got the potentials to achieve its own unique style and distinguish itself on the modern R&B scene. Due to the arrangements from producers Jazze Pha, Jasper, Don Vito and Adonis, Unappreciated offers an original combination of electro funk, soul and club music, and places Cherish among the best R&B groups of the present days. Among the four vocalists it is rather difficult to define any prevailing one for on each track they all sing together creating wonderful harmonies probably which is most probably connected with their kinship. Slow ballads alternate with sultry dance tracks, and the hit Do It To It has already become one of the most often played songs at night clubs and parties, and though Cherish is just starting its way towards world success, much speaks of its great prospects in future.

Every song on Unappreciated is filled with emotions

No doubt the transcription is an important part of an album, but on Unappreciated everything’s made so that the performers played the leading role. Adhering to the themes characteristic of youth like entertainment and relations, Cherish members are also good at dancing. The girls have even worked out special moves for the first single Do It To It featuring Sean Paul Of YoungBloodZ, which follows immediately after the opener That Boi, an innocently nice club track. Naughty notes on the metaphorical song Chevy reveal the singer’s wit and sense of humor, and the title track Unappreciated produced by Jazze Pha, is a slow ballad with a beautiful melody. The song tells the story of a girl who feels that her boyfriend does not value their relations as much as she does. On Stop Calling Me the girls address their unwanted admirer, and Chick Like Me with Rasheeda is another melodious dance composition. Piano parts refine the amazing R&B classic song Fool 4 You, and another single Show And Tell is great on the impressive beat and a memorable tune. Moment In Time is one more love ballad that ends the album, making the listeners realize that Cherish is a collective of really talented singers able to put all their soul into a song. Every song on Unappreciated is filled with emotions and either makes you move or causes your most sacred love memories.

An excellent example of mutual understanding, independence and purpose

Full of young energy and ambitions, Cherish is a band to please the fans of pop, R&B, funk and club music with their up-beat and melodious songs. Displaying perhaps a little more maturity than expected at their age, the band members have recommended themselves as singers with a good feeling of music, gifted vocalists and able to work as a team. The girls’ image also tells a lot of their intentions in the field of show business: the emphasis is made not on the sexy appearance, but on their talent as vocalists and dancers. On the one hand they might be depriving themselves of some male fan base, but on the other hand it does a lot of good. Rejecting the idea to be like every other R&B female collective, Cherish provides itself with a more serious reputation and a different attitude. Being a group of sisters Cherish can serve an excellent example of mutual understanding, independence and purpose, and there is enough grounds to be sure it is not going to disband as it has happened to Destiny’s Child and the others. Unappreciated is a very much promising debut, and hopefully the girls will soon give us a new as much enjoyable creation.