Thirst for Romance

Studio Album by released in 2007

Thirst for Romance review

A sound and very impressive rock creation

British indie band Cherry Ghost was formed in the year of 2005 by a talented author and performer Simon Aldred. Having changed a number of collectives which have not brought him any glory, he decided he could be a success only by his own, and settled down to recording brand new songs. Finally this year their number has become sufficient enough and the release of the debut album Thirst For Romance has taken place this July. Rather famous Dan Austin who worked on one of Massive Attack’s discs became the producer. Simon Aldred, an experienced performer having a great command of his a bit gruff voice, has selected his band quite up to the point and he is probably going to continue working with them further on. The basic topics on Thirst For Romance are those of loss, despair and disappointment with life. Besides, Cherry Ghost front man devotes a significant part of tracks to introspection, which adds maturity and some seriousness to the whole album. That is why being just a debut album Thirst For Romance is a sound and very impressive rock creation worthy of all praise.

Cherry Ghost does not strive for observing any canons

Even without listening to the album and juts looking at the length of some tracks it is cleat that Cherry Ghost does not strive for observing any canons. The album opens with the title composition Thirst For Romance, a mid-tempo country one with quite a frank text telling of a man who still would like to have a romance although he has been through a lot. Song 4 A.M. pleases with a nice catchy tune and a feeling of the freshness of memories Simon is singing about. A harder number Mountain Bird is closer to classic rock, here the vocalist demonstrates all his abilities. The second single off the album, People Help The People is a melodious ballad refined with piano and suiting greatly for radio airplay, and song Dead Man's Suit, one of the longest on the record, amazes with its being so epic and with the fatality of the text and the musical background. It is also one of the longest tracks, lasting almost 6 minutes. A funny composition Alfred The Great presents classic rock-n-roll here, which can be even danceable, giving way to one of the most melodious songs on the album Here Come The Romans, refined with fiddles and a soft piano. Another long ballad is Mary On The Mend, its slow rhythm and an orchestra accompaniment on chorus make one think of life, and far from its better days. Notwithstanding all traditions the album closes with the first single Mathematics, and then, after quite a long pause, some 18 minutes, a hidden bonus track The Same God follows.

Thirst For Romance is simple only at first sight

The characters of Cherry Ghost’s songs are most ordinary people finding themselves in everyday situations so the debut work will be an enjoyable listening to absolutely everybody. Yet Thirst For Romance is simple only at first sight. If one listens carefully to the texts of Simon’s songs, one can practically penetrate into the labyrinths of his subconscious mind – that frank he is with his listeners. Each song tells a story partially imagined and partially based one the events in the artist’s life. His relations with women, friends and himself – all that has found reflection on Thirst For Romance. The authors able to enclose a deepest thought in a small sentence are not numerous, and Aldred as well possesses this amazing ability. At the same time he does not rehash any copybook maxims but is just trying to impart to the listeners the lessons he has learnt from his own mistakes in the most capacious and clear way possible. Still even though the lyrics itself deserves admiration, the basic attitude of the album is given by the musicians’ playing combined with the slight huskiness of Simon’s vocals. It is worth while hoping that becoming popular the musicians are going to remain on the same professional level of playing, and the leader of Cherry Ghost will continue to look for his place on the world rock scene with the same zeal and talent.