3 Words

Studio Album by released in 2009

3 Words review

Cheryl Cole daringly starts her solo career

Before becoming the style, fashion and beauty icon and one of pop music connoisseurs in Great Britain Cheryl Cole sang in the girls band Girls Aloud. Taking into account quite a high competition among the girls bands which are all similar to each other, this collective had once become one of the most successful of them and its singles still occupy the leading positions in charts, so Cheryl would probably have faced a lot of difficulties in the show business world if it had not been for her friends and colleagues. Yet her music destiny has turned to the point from which it is high time to pursue a solo career and Cole starts it daringly with the debut solo album 3 Words. If the Girls Aloud creative work is mainly associated with a bold pop music flavored with slight rock elements or danceable beats then Cheryl has taken a bit different direction. The singer has turned to some renowned authors and producers among which there are such as Will.I.Am, Taio Cruz and Wayne Wilkins and recorded a collection of 11 great R&B and pop compositions in which not only her individuality is revealed but also the new sides of Cole as a performer are opened.

A deep introspection and love and disappointment 3 Words

The album opens with the title composition 3 Words featuring Will.I.Am. Trendy, stylish, reserved and yet not devoid of a certain mood it is the best of all to reveal the album’s atmosphere. There is a place for a deep introspection and love and disappointment on this record – on the whole, these are the themes essential to make a good debut creation. The number Parachute finds itself among the best numbers here, it is full of a deep psychological analysis, besides, this is one of Cheryl’s own favorite songs, which speaks of her natural intelligence and capability to understand herself that surely helps her in the relations with other people. Another composition from Will.I.Am, Heaven, is remarkable for a bright memorable tune allowing Cheryl to demonstrate her pleasant vocals but this is far from the strongest songs on the album. To really understand what the singer is capable of it is worth while listening to the first single Fight For This Love – initially performed with male vocals this track has gained a special power in Ms Cole’s rendition and makes it clear that she values love much – or at least can pretend to do it very well which is no less important for an artist. Another interesting number is Happy Hour – also one of the singer’s favorites, this melodious and very contemporary R&B-track will definitely become a hit soon. There is also a surprise for club audience on the album, an igniting composition Stand Up. The album closes with two more songs provided by Will.I.Am, Boy Like You and Heartbeaker, listening to which you will be convinced that the light, contagious and trendy music is really this girl’s vocation.

Faithful to pop music and slightly flirting with R&B

One can speak of Cheryl Cole’s personality for eternity, dwelling upon how people like her, and how she helps the participants of the reality show The X Factor, praise her beautiful appearance and huge ambitions. Nevertheless, it is but obvious that she is eager to realize herself as a singer and the album 3 Words is of great importance to her. Even though it may seem to some that the basic stakes are made at her name, image and popularity in her native land, rather than at complicated and many-faceted music. In fact Cheryl has preferred not to go too deep into style fusion remaining faithful to pop music and flirting with R&B just a little bit. This has resulted into a creation consisting of sultry, pretty songs of a good quality. On the one hand, 3 Words will hardly produce a strong impression from the first listening; on the other hand, it does contain several potential hits with catchy tunes and effective samples. On the whole, Cheryl Cole as a singer will probably work more if she finds time in her schedule of other activity, and her numerous fans will be pleased with the promising debut in any case.