A Million Lights

Studio Album by released in 2012

A Million Lights review

Cheryl Cole’s musical intuition

Cheryl Cole is a truly creative personality in many aspects, and furthermore she is a beauty. Actress, model and performer found fame and everyone’s acknowledgement in 2002, when she became a part of an incredibly bright band called Girls Aloud. Thereby it is possible to say that the project Popstars: The Rivals turned out to be a point of departure for the quintet. The latter, by the way, proved to be highly successful. Girls Aloud managed to get included into Guinness Book of World records as the most successful band from a reality-show. Pretty impressive, isn’t it? Cheryl Cole, however, had quite a lot of ambitions to make up her mind to make another serious step: a solo career could help her to achieve new incredible heights. Thus, Cole released her debut solo record titled 3 Words in 2009, and later it got multiplatinum status in Great Britain. The singer needed only a year to prepare and demonstrate her second creation Messy Little Raindrops to the audience. That long play proved to be not less fascinating than its predecessor, and that fact really inspired Cheryl’s fans. Even in spite of quite a little pause between releases of two albums, Messy Little Raindrops was not an average record. Well, nowadays listeners’ attention is concentrated on Cole’s third studio attempt, A Million Lights. A lot of producers took part in its creation, that is why the final result is extremely magnetic.

A Million Lights and millions of details

If a performer creates his record all alone, then the work he finally gets proves to be very solid and united by one general style and maybe mood. Of course, this is good. But the art does not know such things as strict directions and instructions, that is why a high-class work that consists of numerous various elements is also good and interesting in its own unique way. A Million Lights was created alongside with almost two dozens of producers, which means that we will get truly original sound and surprising features. The first number of the album was chosen a vivacious pop-composition Under The Sun with a powerful beat and juicy bass. Warm up your acoustic systems, it is going to be hot and loud! Then goes not less energetic dance track Call My Name, which is ready to conquer charts and dance floors. will.i.am was one of the producers, and it is a well-known fact that this musician always stays on top of the most topical movements. Thus, under his commands an amazing dub-step track Craziest Things was written. Curiously enough, Cheryl’s vocals are perfect addition to the concept of broken rhythms and vibrating low frequencies. Love Killer is another proof of the fact that dub-step can be easily mixed up with pop-music, and the result will be quite fascinating. However these songs are rather exceptions from the rule. All in all A Million Lights is a pop record with quite a distinctive dance line. Lovers of the genre will appreciate this studio work for sure.

New levels, new achievements

Well, Cheryl Cole’s two successful albums have already found their well-deserved places in collections of music lovers. Now it is turn of A Million Lights – it goes without saying that great hopes are put on it. And obviously both musicians’ and listeners’ expectations will be completely satisfied. Almost an hour of amazing music with elements of rhythm and blues, electronica and even dub-step will not leave these genre lovers untouched. Judge by yourself: when a whole group of professionals work together, the result is ought to be amazing, right? A Million Lights consists of outstanding songs, which are different from each other but at the same time they are united by the general positive attitude. For instance, Last One Standing, One Thousand and Ghetto Baby are distant from each other; however within the framework of A Million Lights they somehow create a unity. Amazing, but this is a fact. And that is a great achievement of professional producers and talented singer, who managed to become a converging point in that incredible network of genres.