Messy Little Raindrops

Studio Album by released in 2010

Messy Little Raindrops review

Cheryl Cole’s new work is a turn to dance pop music

Today Cheryl Cole is one of the British audience’s favorites. Her participation in talk and reality shows always heightens the ratings, and her appearance on the fashionable magazines covers makes sales spring to the sky. Cole earned the reputation of a very sincere, soulful and kind girl who is always ready to help a long time ago, and became a style icon. She could well be involved only in her work on the X Factor project, in modeling and, say, philanthropy, and she would be a success in everything she does. Yet one should not forget that Cheryl is the former Girls Aloud member and she cannot live without music. After the astonishing success of her last year’s debut solo album 3 Words which went multi-platinum the singer did not hesitate much which producers to work with further on. This autumn she releases her sophomore effort Messy Little Raindrops. The record is a turn towards dance pop music on which but she also analyzes some of not too happy events which have happened to her this year.

The sparkling album Messy Little Raindrops

Early this autumn Cole has divorced from the footballer Ashley Cole after four years of marriage, and has suffered from a cute form of malaria which she contracted in Tanzania in summer. Nevertheless, she is surrounded by a multitude of friends, practically the entire United Kingdom is worried about her, and to thank them all Cheryl has recorded the sparkling album Messy Little Raindrops. Wayne Wilkins who produced her number one single Fight for This Love, plays the role of one of the main producers on this creation. The first single Promise This opening the album illustrates very well in which direction the singer is now going – a house beat, love lyrics full of passion and despair, the themes of life and death (which is no surprise after the heavy disease). Travie McCoy joins Cheryl on Yeah Yeah, a real club masterpiece behind which the electronic team Starsmith is standing. A dance pop number Live Tonight with an effective bass line can boast one of the catchiest choruses on the record, and the first R&B ballad The Flood proves to be really sincere and renders the emotions Cheryl has felt during the last several months. Oriental motifs appear on a contagious track Amnesia listening to which it is impossible not to dance as well as the lively Everyone featuring rapper Dizzee Rascal. The second ballad Raindrops is filled with light sadness and conquers with Cheryl’s powerful voice, and the melodious mid-tempo song Hummingbird is built on interesting metaphors. Then Cheryl offers four danceable numbers Better To Lie (featuring August Rigo), Let's Get Down, Happy Tears and the final Waiting, each of which helps forget troubles and just enjoy life with all its blessings and hardships.

Another entry in the list of multiple achievements

This is what it means to be an optimist: despite that the period of summer – the beginning of autumn has been one of the most difficult for Cheryl Cole she still believes in the better things, which is why bright, igniting melodies perfect for the clubs prevail on her new work Messy Little Raindrops. The artist herself is in an even better shape than on the debut record – her voice’s power has remained at the same level but there is much more emotions in it which is especially noticeable on ballads The Flood and Raindrops. At the same time Cole has stepped on a new territory for her which can by no means be called terra incognita: Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga – all these singers are long-term dance pop genre lawmakers, that is why Cheryl has armed herself with the support of renowned producers including among others, the author of many a world dance hit. Thus Messy Little Raindrops has become a great continuation of Cheryl Cole’s solo career enriching the list of her multiple achievements.