The Evolution

Studio Album by released in 2006

The Evolution review

Ciara Harris – Princess from Texas

She was born in Austin, TX, but with her father in the Army, Ciara spent time living in Germany, New York, California, Arizona, and Nevada before landing in Atlanta. In the childhood as all of her friends, she dreamed to be a famous all over the world. In her early teens, Ciara got a piece of paper out and wrote down her life's goal, to become a professional and successful singer. Well her dream comes true. With Sean Garrett, the co-writer of Usher's massive hit Yeah!, Ciara co-wrote Goodies, and when Lil Jon heard the demo, he knew it was going to be big. It was the beginning of a creative advancement in a contemporary music world for one of the most long-term singer in a nowadays R&B trend. “Every day I dreamed to hear my music on the radio”, said Ciara, “but not everybody believed in me”. Her middle name is Princess, so everybody was expecting great things from Ciara Harris — and she didn't waste much time rising to the challenge. Her second album The Evolution is a perfect present for people who like Ciara’s work and R&B music as a whole. This album's jammed with guaranteed hits bounced out by professional chart-smashers like Lil Jon, The Neptunes, Jazze Pha and many other well-known persons.

The Evolution is full of real hits

On her last album, Ciara was an 18-year-old singer-dancer still trying to find her way in the music business. Now she's 21 and trying to forge a slightly more sophisticated image for herself. The compositions from The Evolution are full of vital sense, Ciara’s voice become more confident and the staff of her “star assistants” is only increased: Rodney Jerkins, Pollow Da Don, Pharrell Williams,, Lil Jon. During the recording of Can’t Leave ‘Em Alone and Get Up Ciara collaborated with such a super rappers as Chamillionaire and 50 Cent. According to Ciara, the title is "about so much more than just my personal growth - it's about the evolution of music, the evolution of dance, the evolution of fashion". The Evolution consists of a great deal of real hits that is the compositions, which have a long and successful future. For example, Get Up is a song recorded by R&B/pop singer Ciara and rapper Chamillionaire for the soundtrack of the dance/romance film Step Up. The Evolution shows Ciara's growth as a singer, songwriter, producer and as a performer. The album reflects not only Ciara's new direction, but also her vision of the ever-evolving worlds of music, dance, and fashion. Although her sound has evolved, fans can still expect the dance numbers Ciara is known for. First, it is the dance song I Proceed, which can make you moving even if you don’t want to do it. Ciara Harris dreams to see all her listeners are happy and interested in her music. She can’t leave them without lyric and records the composition Promise, inspired with the notes of romanticism and love. It should be said that the great influences for the album's production were Michael Jackson, Prince, and Madonna.

Ciara Harris: “big goals - great future”!

Goodies marked Ciara's arrival as a major R&B/hip-hop star, The Evolution cements her status as an artist who can work both within and outside of those stylistic boundaries. Ciara Harris came in such a difficult contemporary music world not for a couple of days. She came to prove that she's no one-track singer. Ciara set very big goals for herself and try to do all impossible thing to achieve a success. ''I want to be on the level of Michael and Janet,'' she says proudly. Ciara's great assets are her dancing skills, enhanced by a naturally athletic build. She also has a charming voice and likes to cook something delicious. Ciara is herself a living example of a human being who can do everything for reaching success in the career. And Princess Harris proves it having released her second album The Evolution. Ciara turns out to take into account the wishes of her all fans. In loneliness or at a party The Evolution will give you pleasure and sheer joy.