Do It!

Studio Album by released in 2008

Do It! review

Clinic makes a grand step forward

Liverpool indie rock band Clinic consists of vocalist Ade Blackburn playing keyboard and melodica, bassist, flutist and vocalist Brian Campbell, guitarist and keyboardist Jonathan Hartley who plays also clarinet and drummer and pianist Carl Turney providing also backing vocals. In general the collective exists a little bit more than ten years now, but during the time it has attracted a faithful fan base. Nevertheless, most of the critics agree that Clinic's sounding still remains too raw to get into the mainstream tendencies but regardless of anything the collective went on struggling for the place under the sun. It has not passed much time since the guys finished working on their fifth album that got called Do It! It is very likely that the record's name speaks for itself for the work has proved to be like a push causing the band to make a grand step forward. Stylistically the songs are mostly on the indie territory but some present the experimental mixtures of style, and these points make the most successful points of Do It! which rightfully pretends to be among the year's best indie records.

Calmer reflective creations on Do It!

Before Clinic's typical music were eclectic songs with a fast rhythm, and now the band has decided to turn to calmer reflective creations freely making them sound either with a positive or with a negative mood. The album opens with a hard heart-rending composition Memories with guitar riffs that deserve respect. Song Tomorrow with a country spirit but far from being joyful is filled with pessimistic feelings although its lyrics are not devoid of irony whereas The Witch is a classic example of Clinic's performance with an impetuous rhythm and lazy singing. Single Free Not Free is one of the best compositions on the record built around a tough contrast between a pop couplet and a heavy and powerful guitar accompaniment. Amazing cords on Shopping Bag in combination with reckless drums, a squealing melodica and corresponding vocals create an effect of a complete insanity. The sounds of organ on a gloomy, even a scary track Corpus Christi bring in the feeling of unreality of what is going on, while High Coin is an example of a great work of a drummer, guitarist and vocalist comprising a harmonious ensemble. Track Mary And Eddie can be called a combination of what cannot be combined for here such styles as country and gothic are interlaced which results into the most interesting and impressive song on the entire record, and to conclude the album there is song Coda refined with splendid guitars and ending with the sounds of bells that have proved to be the authors' great idea.

Even the most unexpected combinations reveal a sense

It is interesting to know that Clinic are famous for its fondness to wear doctors' costumes and surgical masks for live performances, thus justifying the band's name, which also permits them to feel freer when writing songs and performing the music. Album Do It! is certainly extraordinary, too, but this time even the most unexpected combinations reveal a sense. As a result we have a record demonstrating a new approach to music. Although some moments remind of Radiohead’s works, but they are very few on the album for it looks like Clinic has found its true sounding. The musicians have finally given themselves full swing recording eleven tracks each of which has something to boast: drums, guitars, vocals parties and most varied melodies, all that makes Do It! one of Clinic’s best albums, and it is quite probable that critics will become more favorable to the band after it. Hopefully these changes for the better are to continue, and its next creation will be even more successful, and the collective will remain that independent at the same time.