A big alternative rock figure and a celebrated actress, Courtney Love was born on July 9, 1964 in San-Francisco, California. When a child, she was deeply interested in new wave punk which would have a big influence on her band Hole. After travelling to Japan, Ireland and England, Courtney returned to California. In 1986, she received a minor part in Alex Cox’s monumental Sid & Nancy. Later, Love appeared in this director’s other movie Straight to Hell. The roles in these films failed to bring Love the fame she had been looking for and she moved to Minneapolis to start a music career. It was the place where Love cofounded Babes in Toyland, but soon the other members tossed her out of the band. After a short striptease experience in Alaska, Courtney came back to California to organize in 1989 her famous band Hole. They released their debut album Pretty on the Inside in 1991.

In a year, Courtney married Nirvana frontman Curt Cobain. The press began speculating on both spouses taking in heavy drugs massively. Vanity Press was the most active discusser to present information on Courtney using heroin during her pregnancy. In April 1994, Curt Cobain shit himself and in two more years an OD killed Hole bassist Kristen Plaff. As if prophetic, the Hole new album, Live Through This, recorded before the tragedies, was loaded with depression and all scope of emotions felt by a person suffering bereavements. After the release of this long player in 1994, many claimed that Curt had written the biggest part of its material, which was desperately argued by Love. In the years to come, Courtney and the rest of Nirvana would have bitter conflicts over the rights to the Nirvana records that continued to bring considerable profits. In 1998, Hole hit the stores with the new release, Celebrity Skin, a record reaching none of the positions gained by their previous works. The poor sales of this album along with Courtney’s active movie career accelerated the band’s collapse. In 1999, Love was nominated for Golden Globe for her part in People Vs. Larry Flynt. During several following years, the artists remained outside the limelight as she appeared in low profile movies and music projects of little interest.

Courtney Love returned to the headlines with her effort to fight off from the Nirvana ex-members the rights to the band’s new album featuring the best hits and two unreleased songs. It ended up in a scandalous court process with the parties blacking each other furiously in their interviews. Courtney was decisive so much that she announced her plans to release another Nirvana compilation composed by the tapes from Love and Cobain’s private archive and to issue her personal journal. Gone too far out of the line, Love threatened to her recording company to reveal publicly the dirty business methods the label had been applying. She was convinced the musician’s rights were of no value in the then music industry, and therefore she was set to ignite a music revolution, an intention she revealed often in public. Meanwhile, Courtney Love found time to develop her solo career and issued her first album, America's Sweetheart, in 2004. In a year, she completed successfully the drug rehab program and started working on the subsequent album, Nobody’s Daughter, to feature the anti-drug song Loser Dust. Love kept playing in movies and cooperating with other performances, which dragged out the recording process for several years. The album is expected to see light in the first half of 2009.

Studio Albums

Courtney Love, America's Sweetheart mp3America's Sweetheart
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