Farmer's Daughter

Studio Album by released in 2010

Farmer's Daughter review

The first stage of Crystal Bowersox’ professional career

The ninth season of American Idol ended with the victory of Lee DeWyze his runner-up being Crystal Bowersox, the twenty-five year old single mom from Ohio who has amazed the audience with her voice. No matter how cool the singer was at the moment the results were announced this achievement means really a lot for her. Starting to perform at the age of ten in cafes Crystal graduated from an art school and would earn money singing along to her guitar in bars, at stations and in the street. Yet she had to think how to provide her son with everything he needs when he was born, in fact that child was the main reason she participated in the project, and each of her performances was emotional and impressive. The judges estimated her numbers as the best, outstanding, and inspirational more than once. Now it is time for Crystal Bowersox’ professional music career to begin, and its first stage is the very promising debut album Farmer’s Daughter. This work demonstrates the most obvious side of the singer who never parts with her guitar, but it still has some hints that her repertoire will prove quite varied afterwards.

Soulful country and rock songs Farmer's Daughter

The album Farmer’s Daughter lasts a bit longer than forty minutes and is comprised of twelve country and rock songs most of which have been penned by Crystal, and her fans had heard them long before she got known around the entire America. Besides the singer has been happy to record the cover of Buffalo Springfield’s song For What It's Worth which one of the album’s highlights. On the whole the record offers some really outstanding numbers against which the filler seem somewhat pale, but on the whole it leaves the impression of a very professional work of a high quality. The title track is one of the strongest tracks; it is a very emotional country composition whose heroine is addressing her father. This melody is going to be close to any girl who has suffered from her father’s cruelty, and it can push men to start to understand their children. Another interesting moment is Hold On co-written by Nickelback’s front man Chad Kroeger, a soulful ballad that could well find itself on one of the band’s albums. The singer has devoted Holy Toledo to her native town, while Kiss Ya is addressed to all the fans that have supported Bowersox throughout several months, and each of these compositions has worthy moments both in lyrics and in tune. However, they stand practically no comparison with the impressive ballad Speak Now with a slight blues flavor on which Crystal’s vocals sound really impressive and the penetrating guitars add charm to the composition. Keyboard modifications refine the soulful song Mine All Mine, and the record close is Arlene telling another weepy song unveiling against the background of melodious country guitars and low notes of a harmonica.

The young singer’s star is going to burn brighter and brighter

Crystal Bowersox had remained the only beautiful sex representative by the American Idol finale among the guys. The last time a girl made it to the finale was in 2007, and that was the winner Jordin Sparks, which made Crystal’s fans believe that she would never lose until the end. In fact she did not – the second place guarantees that the young singer’s star is going to burn brighter and brighter. Self-confident, different from the others with her simplicity and sincerity, this pretty girl has conquered the audience and the public with her voice she has a perfect control of and her ability to play guitar and harmonica. Bowersox broke up with her boyfriends some hours before the competition’s ending, but that did not throw her out of her track. Moreover, she was truly happy with Lee’s wining and had been supporting him until the end. As for the album Farmer’s Daughter it is only the first and quite a confident step on the long journey which is now open ahead of Crystal Bowersox, and judging by the variety of genres she has tried her hand at during the contest this artist is going to surprise us more than once in the long run.