Bring Ya to the Brink

Studio Album by released in 2008

Bring Ya to the Brink review

A perfect soundtrack for the hottest parties from Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper, an American pop music icon, has been on stage for more than two decades already. Although she has not released any new material since her 1997 record Sisters of Avalon the singer has been performing actively singing her best hits including the songs from one of her most successful earlier albums The Body Acoustic and their new versions. Known for her introspective lyrics Lauper has however changed the stylistics of her works quite often trying her hand in rock, folk and pop music now and then. Obviously she has been interested in dance direction of late for her new album Bring Ya To The Brink consists fully of bright club tracks. Together with Cyndi Lauper most venerable DJs and dance collectives have worked on Bring Ya To The Brink among which there are Basement Jaxx, Scumfrog, Digital Dog, Dragonette, Kleerup and Axwell. It goes without saying this record is released just in time as it is a perfect soundtrack for the hottest parties and we are surely not going to feel bored this summer.

Bring Ya To The Brink is different from the most of commercial projects

15 full songs and two remixes on the limited edition of Bring Ya To The Brink are a ready set for dancing your soul out within an hour and ten minutes and then start all over again for this music is never boring and makes one feel great. Then again Cyndi Lauper's approach is rather original making her work quite different from the most of modern commercial projects. The album opens with High & Mighty, a song about dreams of wealth and power, with a simple beat and great sound effects, and a classic club composition Into The Night Life about all possible ways to have fun is an example of Cyndi's attention to the mainstream. Hand clapping track Rocking Chair is a slower number but far from a relaxing one due to a heavy electronic arrangement. The album highlights include a house song Echo pleasing with Cyndi’s more interesting vocals and a catchy melody and Same Ol' Story, the first track on the album any close to the singer's previous material on which she sings in her special prickly manner about a relationship not worth continuing, besides the tune is one of the best on the record here. Another confident composition Raging Storm tells of the protagonist's courage while listening to contagious Give It Up one just cannot help moving. The album's first single Set Your Heart definitely suits this part perfectly well being one of the most impressive tracks here. There is a place for two slow numbers on the record which are a most beautiful Can't Breathe and a mid-tempo ballad Here And There and the closers are two great remixes, True Colors (2007 Tour Remix) and Time After Time (J & C Remix).

The new album paints the summer with the brightest colors

Already at the age of twelve when Cyndi learnt to play guitar it was clear she was different from most of her peers dying her hair in strange colours and dressing in a way that definitely distinguished her from the crowd. She grew up listening to the music of such singers as Judy Garland and Ella Fitzgerald and quickly realized she wanted to write her own songs. It was love of art and music that made seventeen year old Cyndi leave home in search of herself. Yet getting to Canada the young artist came to her native New York and first became a vocalist in local bands that played covers and then little by little her solo career got more successful. Today due to Bring Ya To The Brink she is compared to Madonna for the interest to dance music but this comparison can be made on the surface only for Cyndi's wise lyrics let her remain original. The singer's calling card has become song True Colors, and the fact that its remix is presented on album Bring Ya To The Brink only means that the performer herself thinks this song to be special. Although Cyndi Lauper turns fifty five this summer judging by the new record she still has enough energy for more than one new album and for now the new creation is ready to paint the summer with the brightest colors.