Isolated Incident

Studio Album by released in 2009

Isolated Incident review

The US comic that won the public

American comic and actor Dane Cook was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and grew up in Arlington. In 1994, he moved to New York and started performing there. The prototypes of his onstage image were both his parents, who died of cancer not long ago. In four years after the move to New York, Cook reached his fame moment at the show Premium Blend, where he hit the public. In 2003, the performer recorded his first album of humor Harmful If Swallowed, which got the platinum certification and yielded to its author a contract with the Comedy Central Records. The second disc by the master of stand-up comedy, titled Retaliation, got more success – it became twice platinum. The album also reached the fourth position in the Billboard chart, which made it the highest-rating comedy disc for twenty-nine years. This fact puts Cook in one line with such stand-up comedy icons as Steve Martin, Bill Cosby and George Carlin. In spite of the favorable debut in the movies, the artist did not manage to lounge his own sitcom Cooked, which had only two pilot episodes shot. The follow-ups by Cook were long-plays Vicious Circle and Rough Around The Edges: Live From Madison Square Garden. In 2009, Dane Cook performed before a small auditory at the Laugh Factory. This show became the content of his fifth comedy album Isolated Incident.

Dane Cook dwelled upon everything

It should be noted beforehand that after the release of Rough Around The Edges: Live From Madison Square Garden, Cook changed as a performer significantly. His jokes became more delicate, not that rude at places, while his onstage behavior became more restricted. Nevertheless, it is still the same Dane Cook, adored by the public for his having a personal opinion on any question and burning desire to share it on the scene with joy, passion and strong expressions. On Isolated Incident, he does not state any particular names, but demonstrates his opinion on the tendency among stars to adopt children from the developing countries in a miniature Adoption. Well, the joke of adopting a children collection by The United Colors Of Benetton was one of the most daring on the disc. Cook also shared his vision for the new US president on Obama track. The story about parents titled Mom & Pops, simultaneously funny and sad, was definitely inspired to Cook by the late news in his family. After all this, he immediately switches to his anti-fans in the humorous track Haters – the artist really has a prolific army of haters, and their most vivid activity was started when Cook temporarily left the scene to take care of his deadly sick parents. Only a man, who is able for self-irony in response for the blaming links, given by the searching sites, is able for such sharp and quick-witted revelations as Twat Swatters, Remote Location and War Gamer. The miniature Syncing Feelings presents us old good Cook with his sex and men-women relations.

The jokes on Isolated Incident bring us the new image of the artist

If the disc Isolated Incident does not make you laugh out loud, it is sure at least to make you cheer each time you see Dane Cook on a television show or remember one of his new jokes. The more reserved, but at the same time passionate and autobiographic performance makes him not only a comedy actor, but also a person, who is not afraid to make public the awkward moments of his life and show irony of his downs. He is not afraid to be funny – how many people are able for it? Moreover, Cook explores the new humorous territory. Thus, in his earlier works he avoided political topics or just was not interested in them, while Isolated Incident presents us both his attitude towards the first US President with African roots and such risky things as racism and the like. His sincerity in the story about parents and haters is so strong that some monologues on Isolated Incident can be called the specimen of dramatic art. Only a few comics are capable of acknowledging the fact that along with the fans army they have a sizeable auditory of people that do not love him or her or openly wish the artist evil. However, Dane Cook hit this spot on Isolated Incident. And finally, the disc has an incredible number of witty observations on numerous moments of our everyday life – from having sex to ordering a sandwich in a restaurant. The new image of Dane Cook on Isolated Incident is a wonderful come-back decision after his absence due to the more that serious reason.