Danity Kane

Studio Album by released in 2006

Danity Kane review

One of the quickest success stories of a girls band

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ reality show Making The Band 3 is over, and the winners are now the members of a new band. Aubrey Morgan O’Day, D. Woods, Shannon Rae Bex, Dawn Angelique Richard and Aundrea Aurora Fimbres are the lucky five to comprise the girl group Danity Kane. from the very beginning the show has been a serious emotional test for each of numerous initial participants and only those having the strongest will and nerves have made it to the end. Clearly, the game was worth the candles. Released late this august Danity Kane’s self-titled album has quickly reached the first place on charts beating such music veterans as Christina Aguilera and OutKast, and the single Show Stopper is a new hit played everywhere on the radio and at clubs. The five Danity Kane girls are being praised for their talent both in the respect of singing and dancing, and there are many beautifully harmonious vocal moments on the album. The studio processing of the songs is of a top quality since producers include Timbaland, Scott Storch, Jim Jonsin, Bryan Michael Cox, Rami, Mario Winans and Ryan Leslie. As a new this summer’s best seller, Danity Kane marks one of the quickest success stories of a girls band and attracts greatest attention of the audience.

Danity Kane will serve a refinement in any music collection

Each of the 15 tracks on Danity Kane including the remix of the hit Show Stopper is a product of the producers’ professional work combined with the girls’ sincere commitment to their activity. Sultry ballads are their instrument to demonstrate at times really breath-taking vocals, while up-beat club songs reveal the sense of rhythm and ability to ginger the listeners encouraging them to dance. Melodious track Ride 4 You is going to become the second single off the album in the nearest future, and Hold Me Down pretends for being the one to follow. Such song as One Shot and Sleep On It surprise with witty lyrics and the girls’ capability of harmoniously uniting the words and the music together. Those who have been watching the show and following the development of events will be especially glad to hear these songs on the album. The girls have spent more than an hour in the studio recording them. Even apart from the TV project, the album amazes with its great sounding and confirms that a team of super producers together with a group of young full of energy performers can do a collection of stylish and successful songs. Among the highlights there should be named the catchy tune of So What, the sexy R&B composition Touching My Body and the memorable closer Right Now. Danity Kane will serve a refinement in any music collection and give a lot of pleasant moments to you and your friends.

The embodiment of beauty, talent and ambitions

Due to the great job done by Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and his counterparts, Danity Kane is a new worthy rival to modern female collectives, gradually leaving behind Pussy Cat Dolls and other newcomers Cherish. The band’s unusual name has been conceived by the member Dawn and initially belongs to her anime heroine. Diddy, impressed by her drawing skills and rich imagination, thought that all the girls deserve to be considered heroines. Actually, this is not far from the truth for the competition has been a tough one and ‘Combs inclined to perfectionism required an incredible amount of efforts and hard work from all the participants. Only the time will show whether this method proves a success or not, but today Danity Kane has one of the largest fan base and practically is a new ideal for the American and European youth. The embodiment of beauty, talent and ambitions, they inspire everybody to believe in him or herself and prove that it is important to hold on whatever happens. Now when they have won so many hearts with their debut album, the audience is eagerly awaiting the sophomore effort. Probably, after the touring in its support is finished, Danity Kane’s creator is going to make sure it is not spending time in vain.