David Cook

Studio Album by released in 2008

David Cook review

Musician David Cook became known in the native States after he took part in the seventh season of the American Idol competition and its winner. However, before he reached fame, the artist made a long creative way. David was born in Texas and he grew up in Missouri with two brothers. The boy got interested in music in his early age, and his parents presented him with his first guitar, when David was twelve. In the high school, he formed the rock band Axium, becoming its guitarist and soloist. The musicians recorded three albums; they were considered one of the most promising indie bands in the US. However, in 2006, the command was disbanded, and Cook joined the collective Midwest Kings. Soon he decided to pursue the solo career the same year and released the debut album Analog Heart. Initially, David Cook was not going to try himself for the American Idol - he came to the audition only to create his brother Andrew. Andrew did not pass the audition, while David was a success. On the show, Cook became the most noticeable rock musician, who reached the top, although his repertoire varied from rock to pop hits and even an opera number from Phantom Of The Opera. David demonstrated such a brilliant command of his voice that no one could hesitate about his star future. Soon after the American Idol, Cook finished his first major label album, David Cook.

David Cook: an excellent specimen of solid rock

The new work by David Cook, which will definitely make him famous over the world (if he is not yet), can be best described as a solid rock record. For the long-play David Cook, the artist chose the genuinely qualitative material, which varies from booming post-grunge tracks to lyrical ballads and arena-ready anthems. One of such inspiring rock hymns is the album opener Declaration. Cook’s pop single Light On can be related to the same category. It has a memorable tune and hooky chorus. The pleasant growling vocals by David shows the slightest tints of emotions he means. The speedy rock composition I Did It For You adds energy and charm to the album. The power ballad Life On The Moon became one of the strongest moments of the full-length, although it has too much dreamy moods in its lyrics. The middle tempo arena track Bar-Ba-Sol has an unforgettable melody and is followed up by the sincere composition Mr. Sensitive, in which Cook opens his soul. The touching piano ballad Permanent with the tender string arrangement was written by Cook along with Chantal Kreviazuk and Raine Maida in order to maintain his brother Adam, who is fighting with the brain cancer right now. The track A Daily Anthem/Kiss On The Neck (Hidden Track) is also devoted by the artist to his brother. The disc closes with the hit tune The Time Of My Life, which is surely well-remembered by the American Idol spectators. If you still have not heard this track, you are strongly recommended to do it.

The artist with the great future

The album David Cook became not the first work by the artist in the musical world, but it definitely became his first creation to reach so much attention. David Cook is the performer with great potential and is sure to get even more popularity in the nearest future on the rock scene. He is not from the crowd of those talent show contestants, who let you to forget about them easily. Initially being the brightest American Idol, Cook wonderfully showed himself after the show too. The album David Cook, produced by such big names as Rob Cavallo and Brian Howes, perfectly reflects the personality of this young musician – the disc is very diverse, energetic and has a big potential inside. The mixture of memorable tunes and pleasant vocals in the moods of Canadian rockers Nickelback will definitely mesmerize both the rock auditory and adult contemporary lovers. The strong lyrics will make the listeners to add the disc David Cook to their regular play list in order to hear again the favorite lines. However, this album is rather created to introduce David Cook to the public in the role of the promising young rocker than to demonstrate his rich vocals in its full strength. From the same American Idol experience, it is known that Cook as a soloist is able for much more, and there is hope that on his new disc, David would perform more complicated melodies. The main thing is that these motifs should be the same unforgettable as the big songs on David Cook.