One Day I'm Going to Soar

Studio Album by released in 2012

One Day I'm Going to Soar review


It looks more like a reincarnation than just a return. Firstly, too much time has passed, and secondly, even the name of the ensemble is changed. Right, Dexys are those Dexys Midnight Runners that made a difference in the mid eighties and then vanished with a promise to come back. But was there anyone who really believed they would return? Since the release of the commercially disastrous Don’t Stand Me Down, just think of it, 27 years have gone. It was enough for genres to appear and disappear, for mega popular performers to reach heights and fall into oblivion. The music world is not the same, it has nothing to do with the magic eighties when bands were making records every year and videos were a wonder of the industry. In the meantime, Dexys seem to remain the same as if awaken from deep sleep. The band is still guided by the extravagant Kevin Rowland who keeps ignoring everything and everyone around. The new album from Dexys, one of the longest awaited records in the history of music, One Day I’m Going To Soar, catches the ensemble right where they left for the unprecedented long break.

Another tale from Kevil Rowland

The entire concept of Dexys is built on the perceptions and feelings of Kevin Rowland, who, as usual, swings from one state to another. One would think that only few would be interested in the fate and inner conflicts of a person they do not know, but Kevin knows how to intrigue his listeners. At the same time, Dexys music is still pop rock with R&B rhythms and occasional additions of folk. It is clear from the album’s opener, Now. In fact, together with Lost, this track wraps up the first part of soul adventures of the main character here as he, yet immature, tries to embrace the chaos inside. Then, of course, we have a romantic part with an inevitable sad ending. Again, Kevin sticks to his roots and tricks, like in I’m Thinking Of You, where he resorts to a monologue. In I’m Always Going To Love You, and Incapable Of Love, Kevin applies another well-known tool of his own, leading humorous conversations with the guest singer Madeline Hyland. Even when he does not speak, but does sing, his vocals sound as if they are cut out of another piece; that is how separate he feels from the music. The whole story finds quite a logical and optimistic conclusion is another monologue in the closing It’s Ok. John Joe.

Old music long forgotten

On the whole, One Day I’m Going To Soar is not going to surprise those who are familiar with the works of Dexys (Midnight Runners). The ensemble tries to capitalize on Kevin’s strong aspects, and the singer does really well, but the album’s highlights are nothing more than remakes of the best ideas off the older records. The musicians did not set high goals as they just executed properly their duties, which were creating a background for the singer’s performance. At the same time, the Dexys style is a music that hardly anyone else does today at the same high level. Folk motifs with strings in front of dance beats are a courageous choice that would not be made by those who think of market and sales. We have not had releases like that in a long time, and probably never will. The most interesting and entertaining part is that Dexys have managed to return from their ever-rest state and resume playing like nothing has happened. This album is a special treat.