Songs From the Tainted Cherry Tree

Studio Album by released in 2010

Songs From the Tainted Cherry Tree review

Diana Vickers’ trademark singing style

On the X Factor 2008 program the then sixteen year old Diana Vickers was probably the most original performer. Her singing cannot be compared to that of anybody else although she could sing in a simpler way imitating famous pop divas but she would not be herself anymore. The very essence of this singer is unusual – one of the judges, Louis Walsh, compared her to a hippy at the audition and noticed at once her unusual voice and the young talent’s emotionality. Indeed, Ms Vickers’ voice in combination with her own trademark singing style is something unique – hardly anyone can copy exactly all the extra sounds and sighs sounding in the songs she performs. Diana names Sinead O’Connor, Regina Spector, Kate Bush, Nerina Pallot and other artists remarkable for a non-standard approach to work among those she admires and learns from. Therefore she has been preparing the release of her debut album Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree for quite a long time taking the most active part in working on the songs which best reflect her ideas on music and singing.

Gentle songs and tougher rebuffs

Although the album Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree definitely represents pop genre it is difficult to put into one row with other pop singer’s albums. Taken separately these songs are rather simple and even ordinary because it is Diana Vickers’ performance that makes them original. Contagious drums and guitars of the first single Once opening the album make us understand at once that there are not only gentle songs on this record that one could expect but also rather tough rebuffs. A danceable pop rock number Remake Me & You pleases with an emotional chorus and interesting electronic hooks, while the composition The Boy Who Murdered Love is the one that contains the words ‘tainted cherry tree’, a part of the album’s title. It is another example of Diana Vickers’ inimitable singing because the melody itself is extremely simple here, but due to unexpected voice modulations it can be listened to as many times as possible. The track You'll Never Get To Heaven is especially interesting because of one of the best choruses on the record whereas the up-tempo My Hip is refined by stylish tube and violin sounds. Those who value ballads must not pass by the compositions Me & You and Notice, these are very beautiful and lyrical love melodies. A mid-tempo number Jumping Into Rivers starts with the sound of waves running over the shore and pleases with a memorable chorus but it is not as interesting as the album’s finale Chasing You – Diana’s present for R&B fans, this composition will be a perfect accompaniment for a romantic evening and conquer you with the wonderful vocal motion at the same time.

A brilliant debut

A life must not be wasted. A talent must not be dug into ground, otherwise your life will pass you by like a ghost. These are the things Diana Vickers’ does not need to be explained for her story is a live illustration of these simple statements. She has been singing ever since she can remember and would not change it for anything. Besides, after the X Factor competition she has also been chosen to play the main role in the revived production of The Rise and Fall of Little Voice at the Vaudeville Theatre in London which was on last October. Of course working in the theater has delayed the release of Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree a little bit but the singer did not rush and made it perfect. Now, her debut album should not be considered as an average pop collection, neither should one compare it to the works of other X Factor finalists. A whole constellation of producers and musicians has been involved in the creation of Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree Once, each has contributed something to this brilliant debut. Beats, arrangements, backing vocals – all is faultless and underlines the singer’s wonderful voice. Hopefully the follow-up will give us more hits, and Diana will go on realizing all of her potentials.