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Rockferry review

A rising soul star's debut album

A rising soul star Aimee Anne Duffy professionally known as simply Duffy has been preparing for three years to release her debut album. Coming second in the final of Wawffactor contest, Welsh analog of Pop Idol in 2003 she did not refuse her ambition to become the best of the best, and due to a lucky juncture of events started collaborating with former Suede's guitarist and producer Bernard Butler who helped the performer find her own sounding. It turned out that Duffy's voice could be similar to that of Dusty Springfield, but this comparison never embarrassed the singer, and together with Butler and Mark Ronson she began creating her debut album. Record Rockferry named after a place near the Welsh border has become an example of classic soul with all the appropriate elements: magnificent orchestra instrumentation, Duffy's emotional singing and romantic, either sad or dreamy lyrics.

Duffy's all potentials on Rockferry ten tracks

The ten tracks of Rockferry are quite enough to realize all the potentials of this twenty-three year old singer. Arrangements carried out with professionalism impress with the richness of sound but Duffy's powerful and recognizable voice by no means pales before them. The title track opening the record is certainly a great beginning being an anthem devoted to the singer's native land and amazing with the power and solemnity of the accompaniment and the artist's voice. A calmer composition Warwick Avenue with dominating tubes and cellos tells about the importance of being strong and able to walk away at the right moment, and a more easy-going sounding song Serious lets Duffy demonstrate her joking side. Contrasting with it a piano ballad Stepping Stone with an unusual melody sets a completely different, more vulnerable tone. The closest to Dusty Springfield the singer gets on wonderful track Syrup & Honey whereas lead single Mercy is sure to linger in your mind for quite some time due to the brilliant performance and a contagious chorus. Once again Duffy demonstrates her vulnerability on I'm Scared telling her lover that she is scared to stay without him, and the final song Distant Dreamer is another highlight, an inspiring hopeful anthem making one feel sure that all dreams will necessarily come true.

The originality defines Duffy from the others

Naturalness and sincerity are Duffy's most valuable qualities although the singer is only beginning her way to the world fame and is not yet suffering from superiority complex. She is able to send chills down the spine with her singing, and her voice can be rightfully called sensational. Of course the fact that Duffy along with Adele is placed among the so called ‘new Amys’ meaning Amy Winehouse can prevent somebody from listening to Rockferry but do not be in a hurry making conclusions. This artist's music is really the same impressive as those of the aforementioned singers but the originality of her character especially clear from the texts does define Duffy from the others. Anyway all the comparisons have only strengthened the audience's interest to the artist and anyone who makes up one’s mind to pay attention to her debut album will not be disappointed. Even though relatively short Rockferry has become a great start and it is worth while hoping that we will soon hear new works of this performer interesting in any respect whose voice will give you a lot of nice minutes.