Red Carpet Massacre

Studio Album by released in 2007

Red Carpet Massacre review

Music trendsetters Duran Duran

The English pop group Duran Duran famous for its hit singles like Notorious, Come Undone and the recent What Happens Tomorrow released its last album Astronaut three years ago and has been since occupied with concerts and working on the follow-up. Finally this year the new creation is ready to please and in many ways surprise the audience. Album Red Carpet Massacre is not too similar to Duran Duran's previous works largely due to collaborations with Timbaland and Justin Timberlake. It combines the features of the old and new pop music and serves a brilliant example of what an experienced band can do when teams up with a contemporary super producer. Once again Duran Duran proved with such a brave step that it is not afraid of experimenting and confirmed even more the reputation of music trendsetters. It has not betrayed its style and at the same time collaboration with the representatives of the modern show business has made the music especially charming. Perhaps some of the fans do not like it, but as soon as one has given more than one listening to Red Carpet Massacre discontent will be changed for delight and respect to the professionals that have fulfilled their task perfectly well.

Universal issues and one man's stories on Red Carpet Massacre

It is absolutely obvious that having such a history Red Carpet Massacre is Duran Duran's most unusual and progressive album, although the themes the band usually touches upon such as universal issues and one man's stories are all here. The album kicks off with a bit aggressive mid tempo composition The Valley which nonetheless can be called a catchy and melodious one. Title track Red Carpet Massacre rather refers to rock reminding of Duran Duran's earlier works. It is refined with gorgeous audio effects that make its sound somewhat unearthly. Nite Runner co-written and performed with both Justin Timberlake and Timbaland is based on the progressive beat and is an exciting danceable song, and the first single Falling Down featuring and co-written with Justin Timberlake presents exactly the mixture of the performers' music having all the best from both parties. Guitar and keyboards lead Box Full O' Honey is a classical Duran Duran song with great arrangement and familiar vocals, and Skin Divers performed with Timbaland is again a song to find itself on a dancefloor, with a simplistic tune but fully metaphoric lyrics. The mood of it is continued on Tempted, and the shortest composition Tricked Out is instrumental only, but by no means serving to relax with all its tenseness. Unlikely, a nice mid-tempo song She's Too Much amazes with soft guitars and an unforgettable melody, whereas Dirty Great Monster is definitely one of the album's highlights due to its rich instrumentation and penetrating vocals. The album closes with Last Man Standing, a slow and a bit sad number with a distinct beat providing the mood.

A turning point in Duran Duran's creative work

As soon as Red Carpet Massacre was ready Duran Duran, namely vocalist Simon LeBon, keyboardist Nick Rhodes, bassist John Taylor and drummer Roger Taylor, rushed to presented to the audience giving a concert on Broadway and starting it with the new songs at once. Of course regarding it was the first time, many were surprised, but on the whole the band members liked the viewers' reaction and awarded the crowd with a volley of hits. Still it wants some time to get used to the band’s new image, and with each next listening Red Carpet Massacre will open more nuances that refine its tracks. Many are sure that Duran Duran has lost its best qualities striving to be fashionable, and that the collaboration with the young musicians has turned out to be a rude mistake. Yet it is better pay attention to what positive has gained the collective's music and how it can modify its style without losing the individuality. Quite possible that Red Carpet Massacre is a turning point in Duran Duran's creative work, and the hits it offers will become classic in the nearest future. The decades of the band's existence have showed that no matter what the critics say the music finds its listener, and the same will surely happen to Red Carpet Massacre in no time.