Our Version Of Events

Studio Album by released in 2012

Our Version Of Events review

Writing is good, but performing is better

The overwhelming success of young singer Emeli Sande’s hit Heaven was a sheer surprise to many listeners, as was her appearance on the stage. Generally speaking, three years ago she was unknown. Only in 2009 did her name begin to flash in media and charts thank to songs where she gave her guest vocals. However, Sande has been working in music long and hard. Yet how many of us do look into a booklet to find the one who wrote another hit for another star? Only most attentive and meticulous music fans know that Sande has been writing excellent tunes and lyrics for Leona Lewis, Alicia Keys, Susan Boyle, and many other prominent performers. Apparently, the young Scot author has got tired of staying spotless in the shade of stars and decided to bring her own star to high into the sky. Heaven, one of the most discussed and dearly loved singles in 2011, appeared on the singer’s debut album, Our Version Of Events, featuring thirteen more interesting and quality songs. It would not be an overstatement to say that at least in the UK this record was amongst the most anticipated releases. In Great Britain, a land where has always been plenty of talents, Emeli Sande is already referred to the group of most impressive and promising young musicians.

Three fine singles carry the whole record

Our Version Of Events is interesting, firstly, due to the fact that, despite its direct connection with hip-hop and soul cultures, it does not boast names of guest performers. Evidently, Emeli does not care for the tradition to engage ‘outsiders’ in the making of her records. The singer selected a wise policy of placing her three singles in different parts of her album. These songs not only keep up the intrigue to the very end of the CD, bur show how different Emeli the performer can be. Heaven is a sparkling upbeat piece, a true hit with a catchy tune. Daddy, albeit leaning to ballad material due to the tempo, is not as romantic as thrilling, as it tells a story of a man who ignores all moral principles effortlessly. String arrangements add tension and alarm to this song. Next To Me, the single that came up after these two, is a powerful dance bomb going off with no delay. In fact, the other songs of Our Version Of Events are not going to just fill up the spaces between the singles. One has to pay attention to My Kind Of Love, an elegant tune with flawless piano and spiritual choruses far in the back.

Debut crowned with success

What seems completely untypical of the genre is Emeli Sande’s desire to dedicate parts of her lyrics not to love-based problems, but social issues. Always having a couple of mighty images in her stash, the singer takes listeners aback on several occasions on Our Version Of Events as she asks rhetorically about repeating mistakes and reluctance to change oneself. Therefore themes like Lifetime, and Hope, where particular focus is made on texts, first seem weaker than the others, and only then, after a deeper study, they reveal all their attraction. One could also predict the appearance on the album of Read All About It. Originally performed with Professor Green, it was one of the first tracks that introduced Emeli Sande to the big public as a great singer. It should be admitted that Our Version Of Events is only a search for her own format, only vague sketches of her future style. However, this record already demonstrates the new singer’s great aspiration to achieve high goals. As for the talent, we knew she has got one, didn’t we?