Studio Album by released in 2007

Insomniac review

Changes in Enrique Iglesias' life

Another creation of hot good-looker Enrique Iglesias is finally released. During the hiatus – last album Seven was released in 2003 – there have happened some changes in the pop-star's life. First, in August 2003 Enrique surgically removed his famous facial mole, second, recently the legendary relationship with Russian tennis player Anna Kournikova that lasted about 5 years has been over. Besides, in four years the artists has toured around half the world visiting for the first time such countries as Australia and South Africa. Yet music has always remained his primary occupation, and he was unceasingly writing new songs. When their number reached 50, time has come to think of recording an album. Revealing an enviable self-criticism Enrique selected 12 compositions he liked most, decided to call the album Insomniac and invited producers Sean Garrett and Max Martin to collaborate. Considering the experience Enrique Iglesias has gained lately album Insomniac is in many ways different from all his previous works, the main surprise being the guest performance of rapper Lil' Wayne on one of the tracks and evident R&B elements of the record on the whole.

Insomniac is full of surprises

Some of the songs on Insomniac have already managed to enter television but most of the tracks are going to surprise the listeners with a R&B like beat that is new for Enrique Iglesias. For instance, slow opener Ring My Bells could be heard in the Tommy Hilfiger fragrance promotion, it is a gorgeous, light and danceable composition. The second on the list is that very song performed with Lil' Wayne, Push, Enrique's first work with rap on it. The first single off the album, Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song) is remarkable for a faster tempo and is based on the contrast between calm verses and a very emotional chorus. The song is devoted to Enrique's great love Anna Kournikova, as well as track Miss You, whose name speaks for itself. Song Somebody's Me is refined with impetuous rhythm, whereas On Top Of You is a beautiful melodious track perfect for a slow dance. Enrique is demonstrating his individuality on a cover of Ringside's Tired Of Being Sorry by adding Spanish guitars to its instrumental background, which reminds of his early works. One of the most beautiful and catchy tunes is on Wish I Was Your Lover, and due to a wonderful arrangement the song is sure to give many the creeps. Sad song Little Girl tells about a girl growing into a famous woman who is not happy and in her heart remains little. Great tracks Stay Here Tonight and Sweet Isabel again remind of older songs, both are melodious and loveable. To close the album Iglesias has prepared another surprise – three songs in Spanish – they are Dimelo, the Spanish version of Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song), Alguien Soy Yo (Somebody's Me) and a rhythmic composition Amigo Vulnerable.

A huge step forward

During his entire career Enrique has been trying to prove his parents, and especially father, Julio Iglesias, that he, too, can be a success in show business. It seems Enrique's most convincing argument was the English album Escape which found a grand popularity in the US and Great Britain. Back in 2001 single Hero made young Iglesias one of the most wanted pop performers but he was not going to rest on his laurels. To date the singer has learnt to write more original melodies although in most cases he continues to make an accent on the chorus, and has turned to looking for a new style. It is obvious that Insomniac is a huge step forward for Enrique Iglesias proving that he is not indifferent to what the mainstream is and at the same time is not about to reject his passionate and gentle manner of performance. It is clear from the songs' texts how hard it has been for the singer to go through a break up of rather long term relations, and sometimes it sounds like there has appeared some depth in his voice. In any case, his vocals keep evolving and the stylistic modifications allow them to be utterly revealed. And after quite a failure Seven has been Insomniac easily brings back the positions Enrique Iglesias has almost lost.