Angels & Devils

Studio Album by released in 2007

Angels & Devils review

Fuel's new lineup

As a rule, the problems with lineup affect career of any band extremely adversely. This is especially so when the matter concerns the band, which has already achieved success and enjoys well-established audience. The situation itself may force fans to turn their backs on the group. Therefore, that fact that Fuel managed to loose both their drummer and front man after the release of their recent studio album has posed an awkward question for their fans if the band will continue its existence. But this wasn't a question for Fuel's founders Carl Bell and Jeff Abercrombie. They filled the drummer slot quite quickly with ex Godsmack's member Tommy Stewart and applied all their efforts to find a worthy substitution to their ex vocalist Bret Scallion. Initially, Bell and Abercromby took notice of American Idol contestant Chris Daughtry after he performed Fuel's song Fuel Hemorrhage (In My Hands). Owing to the popularity of the show the public's interest to Fuel considerably grew up and they made Duaghtry an official offer to join the band. This event was much publicized but still Daughtry proffered solo career. Finally, the position of vocalist was taken by not so popular singer Torin Green with whom the band recorded their new album Angels & Devils.

Fuel softened their sound a little

Regardless the drastic lineup changes Fuel's music actually remains the same. Bell and Abercromby were not going to create new sounding and chose new musicians appropriately. Stylistically, Angels & Devils stays in the borders of modern alternative metal in the vein of Godsmack and Breaking Benjamin. However, a more detailed inspection reveals the band's new traits. Fuel shifted towards mainstream a little. It doesn't agree with that tendency that this band was demonstrating during their entire discography – starting from the very first album Fuel were gradually increasing heaviness of their music. But on the other hand it is something you could expect. Firstly because Fuel always sounded lighter and friendlier in comparison with their peers and secondly because direct meeting with means of pop culture don't pass away without leaving its imprint. It seems like efficiency of promotion through American Idol suggested Bell and Abercromby a couple of ideas about new opportunities. But as it was mentioned above the album's stylistic remains in the same vein as their former records and even if Fuel became a little bit different this is their new vocalist who makes you think so first of all.

The new album's stylistics cover a wide range of listeners

Angel & Devils starts with a couple of very bright tracks. Both of them fit in with the context of Fuel's previous records so nice that they may create a false impression about the entire album. Gone is a powerful, mid tempo track with heavy guitars and loud drums. I Should Have Told You, in its turn, is one of the album's slowest and most tuneful songs. New vocalist works on a good level although you can't help mentioning his likeness with ex singer Brett Scallion. It is not known if he imitates Scallion deliberately or not, but some of the old fans may find it annoying as Scallion regardless all vocal advantages of Green suited Fuel's sounding more. Green sounds really good in heavy songs but he makes acoustic parts sound pretty sugary and poppy. However his vocal style may find its admirers too. The album's single Wasted Time is represented two times. The first one (G-Mix) is an album variant with acoustic verse and heavy chorus. The second (S-Mix) tends to be entirely acoustic. But honestly speaking, both of the tracks sound very alike, everything was played and sang with the same expressiveness. The album's single Wasted Time is one of the most exemplifying songs – the one that reveals how does the band sound today. Fuel play sufficiently heavy and sufficiently poppy at the same time. Angels & Devils may be suitable for a pretty wide audience and it doesn't scare way old fans either. It is hard to say that this album is close to be the best in their discography but taking to consideration all the events that happened to Fuel for the last few years the album looks pretty worth-while.