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Always review

Gabrielle experiments with the style

The career of English singer Louise Gabrielle Bobb, professionally known as simply Gabrielle started quite long ago, back in 1993 when the debut single Dreams at once reached the second line of the charts. The success of the song was largely predetermined by the artist's magnificent vocals that are always recognizable. This year the singer releases her new album Always that has become already fifth in her creative work. The first single from the album is Why, based on Paul Weller's song Wildwood which the singer has liked so much that he even took part in recording it. Its general slant hints a bit at what the whole album is like. On her previous works, like the later record Play To Win, Gabrielle used to stick to simple pop tunes which have always been a success due to her inspired performance. New album Always, however, has become a real break through for her: the singer has decided to experiment with the style a bit which resulted into an absolutely amazing collection of tracks with a funky flavor that the previous works apparently lacked.

Album of the break-up theme Always

The main theme on the album is that of breakup, and each single track is in a way connected with it. Nevertheless you will practically not find any sad songs and will not hear sorrow in the singer's voice on Always. The album opens with the title composition Always with the spirit of R&B, refined with an optimistic instrumental background contrasting with the lyrics still containing some feel of regret. Track Heartbreaker is one of the most powerful on the record in the respect of performance, for Gabrielle's vocals are really impressive here, and one of the most melodious is song I Remember in which fiddles make a zest. A real masterpiece of music closer rather to soul is Every Little Teardrop - an anthem to a broken heart not devoid of hope for the better. Gabrielle reveals her strong personality on I'm Not In Love where she addresses to the former lover letting him know that she is strong enough to survive the break up. A bit of retro coloring refines song Love Me Like You Do, while Wiser is another amazingly melodious composition listening to which you are sure to start singing along after the first refrain already. Track Cold Sober Moment with guitar plunks dominating in it surprises with its lyrics that describes vividly the feelings in a situation of breakup that each of us is familiar with. The album closes with composition Closure which has become the only exception for the sadness, weakness and the sense of loss present in it let us understand that nothing human is alien to Gabrielle.

Gabrielle's best work so far

With the high level of competition existing in the modern show business it is by no means easy to remain in the center of attention all the time. The low and a bit husky voice of Gabrielle has been her only ruff for quite long but it is now high time to realize that it is not enough just to possess good vocals to make a successful collection of music. That is why the singer has used the hook without which no respected artist can do today that is using a sample. The latter has justified itself because starting from September single Why is one of the most popular songs in Great Britain. Besides the new shades of mood that has appeared in Gabrielle's music on Always guarantee the attraction of more fans and perhaps further experimentation with the stylistic coloring. At the same time the artist remains faithful to herself in the way that the lyrics of her songs is directly connected with her personal feelings, and the album's topic is not chosen at random. Frank and emotional Always really deserves to be called Gabrielle's best work so far and one can guess that it is sure to not occupy the last position on the list of the year's most lucky pop releases.