Studio Album by released in 2005

Passion review

Geri Halliwell's career has been nothing short of exciting. She sold over 60 million albums with the Spice Girls. Had 7 number one singles with the group. Four #1's on her own, and has written two biographies, had 2 Yoga DVD's, and has been a judge on a couple TV shows. This year, UN Goodwill Ambassador Geri is back with best album yet. It's her first release since 2001's Scream If You Wanna Go Faster. But it seems this time her album is not only going to be good, but better than her last two. Admittedly Geri Halliwell is not the world's best singer, but her bold and brassy routine had something that once made many people love her. The pop world of today is very different to the one in which Geri flourished at the end of the last century. Geri might have responded to this by going all moody and mysterious (though it's a little hard to imagine), but - to her credit - she's stuck to her roots and Passion has no aspirations to being a serious, sophisticated album.

It is described as an album that goes through the extreme emotions of Passion. Love, sex, fear, and excitement. Her first single Ride It was a very catchy dance song that had a very campy video to go a long with it. Her second single Desire is a very sensual song and music video tells the story of an office girl who has a secret and desires her boss, whom she fanticizes about. Love Never Loved Me is the standout fast track. If it were 2001, this would be number 1 without question. Surprisingly the best track is a ballad, the stunning Let Me Love You More. Here we can really hear how much Geri's voice has improved in the last 4 years. She took singing lessons to try to help with her voice, and had some surgery on her throat, which really improved the strength of her voice. Superstar is a catchy dance number that isn’t as good as her past singles Bag It Up, but is a still the new version of that catchy fun type of song. One of the best songs though, is the last track on the album So I Give Up On Love. This song is completely Geri. This is her funny track on the album, which talks about her past relationships and how some got bitchy, and liked to wear her pink underwear. She uses a very jazzy vibe on the title track Passion, which has a very beautiful instrumental sound in the background.

The album is book ended with two Musical numbers, which sound like Geri is doing a public audition to be the latest celebrity in Chicago. Fortunately the rest of the disc is full of more typical Geri fare, with camp dancefloor classics and ballads aplenty. If you like Geri then you'll probably love this album. Passion is fun, catchy pop songs that don't try to be anything else. When you don't want to get bogged down with deep, soul-searching lyrics or heavy melodies, listen to Passion. It will lift you up! And if the new Coldplay album bores you to death, this might just be the perfect antidote...