Tangled Up

Studio Album by released in 2007

Tangled Up review

Girls Aloud is everyone's astonishment again

In spite of its worldwide popularity, this girl band always differed in a principal way from the other pop singers. Firstly, Girls Aloud appeared in 2002 as the result of the British TV reality show Pop Stars: The Rivals. The girls passed though the audition held by the judges, one of whom was Geri Halliwell from Spice Girls, and took part in the competition for the best Christmas single with the analogously formed boy band. Female artists reached their goal successfully with the song called Sound Of The Underground. However, their career did not finish at it as it usually happens with similar bands (this tendency was brilliantly demonstrated by their former rivals by disbanding in a year). For Girls Aloud it was just a beginning. They did not follow the stereotypes of musical industry, creating their easily recognizable style instead. This fact was appreciated both by fans and by critics on their debut disc in 2003. The second edition What Will The Neighbours Say presented an unexpectedly innovative approach to the song composition with The Show. This year Girls Aloud are everyone's astonishment again, making a record of getting into the British Chart Top Ten by a female band. They were written into the Guinness Record Book, beating such singers as Spice Girls and Destiny's Child. It can be considered as a good gift for the group's fifth anniversary and their new album Tangled Up release.

Tangled Up: all songs are worth mentioning

On the previous studio work Chemistry the girls already demonstrated the eclectic approach to musical styles. On Tangled Up they go on improvising and mixing up in different proportions pop, rock, disco and some other things. It seems that the winding and rhythmical composition Call The Shot with a slight flavor of sadness stepped to the album right from the dance floors of 80s with their colorful lights and sparkling mirror spheres on the ceiling. Approximately in the same time a playful melody of Can't Speak French, bearing a more distinct influence of modern classics, could become an indisputable hit. However, nothing can stop it from becoming a hit nowadays. Fling and Black Jacks are a couple of brilliant compositions, so typical of Girls Aloud with their witty lyrics, hooking bass line, hot dancing melodies and mighty percussions. Girls Overload, an extremely expressive track with the decoration of a slower input, is sure to be appreciated by all active rest lovers. А Control Of The Knife will be remembered not only for the chorus, but also for it's synthesizer solo. Crocodile Tears can be called the slowest thing on Tangled Up, but at the same time, it is the most dramatic one too, and a romantic beginning contributed greatly to the atmosphere.

Girls become more mature with every work

As it was mentioned above, the album Chemistry was a pleasant surprise for everyone without exception. It amused by the qualitative material, at once recognized as the contemporary dance classics, by unusual decisions and astonishingly stylish and successful combination of musical directions that might seem too different to be mixed. What catches the eye immediately on Tangled Up and makes one glad is the undoubted progress in comparison to the previous album. That is what differs Girls Aloud so much from the other girl bands - they continue to grow and go forth with each work instead of releasing similar discs year after year. Girls go on their style and unusual composition experiments on Tangled Up. Moreover, in 2007, they took an active part in writing two songs from the disc - energizing Sexy! No No No… and lyrical Crocodile Tears. Besides, the group members still keep in touch with Xenomania and Brian Higgins that greatly contributed to the Girls Aloud's fame. After listening to Tangled Up one would believe firmly that qualitative pop music creation is a really hard and inventive process, needing an extraordinary talent from each its part taker. And it seems to be absolutely logical that several songs from Tangled Up were considered as undecayed, at least in Britain.