Seventh Tree

Studio Album by released in 2008

Seventh Tree review

Goldfrapp's most unusual and melancholic album

It is not yet ten years since the British electronic duo Goldfrapp was formed, but Alison and Will have already provided the world with a number of super hits such as Ride A White Horse and Ooh La La, mostly known in their remixed versions that entered in the latest collection We Are Glitter. Nevertheless the creative tandem is probably not going to stop and content with what it has achieved continuing searching for a newer sound. The search has resulted into ten brand new tracks that comprise record Seventh Tree the band gives to his fans this year. Stylistically Goldfrapp's new creations are closest to folk but one should not make conclusions too fast. In a certain sense Seventh Tree is a comeback to the beginning of the creative work and the introduction of new elements into Goldfrapp's music, the interlacement of electronic, psychedelic, folk and even rock, which can be conceived only after several listens. On the whole the record pretends to be called the duo's most unusual and melancholic album and will easily find itself among the year's best works.

Reflections and various sounds on Seventh Tree

The bulk of Seventh Tree consists of soft tracks full of reflections and various sounds that make one relax and fall into trance. The very first composition Clowns, a slow and deeply felt folk number immediately invites the listeners into the magic world of Goldfrapp's unusual music, lead by an acoustic guitar and fiddles combining greatly with Alison's beautiful vocals. Track Little Bird is at first in the same leisurely mood but gradually there appear the first sprouts of drums and the rhythm yet unclear is born in it. Finally on Happiness all the signs of an electronic duo's music are present that is stylized tubes against the background of a 70's disco beat and light fluttering vocals. The most beautiful melody is on mysterious song Road To Somewhere that is remarkable for a brilliant arrangement reminding of Erasure's Always. Yet the album never gets too fast or worrisome, on the contrary keeping the initially established tempo, and such songs as Eat Yourself, deeply thought if not too joyful, and Some People, providing a view on people's simple values. The single A&E with an unusual tune and an impetuous rhythm is one of the most complicated songs on the album, but an absolute instrumental masterpiece is Cologne Cerrone Houdini that gives a listener a feeling of hope for a dream to come true. The record closes with another a bit lyrically sullen composition Monster Love amazing with its psychedelic sounding practically getting Goldfrapp close to rock.

Goldfrapp appeals to the listeners' imagination

If two young people decide to try their hand with a new style one should not expect them to be absolutely concrete. It has turned out that project Goldfrapp, too, is far from being that predictable as one might expect judging by its previous works. After a series of electronic disco collections the artists have recorded songs that open another side of the duo. This time Goldfrapp appeals to the listeners' imagination to wake up, and their music is so mesmerizing that it evokes milliards of images at a time, making the listeners relax and swim in the flow of free thoughts. Despite record Seventh Tree being relatively short the musician and the vocalist have managed to express everything they meant to in ten songs and put a definite sense into each of them. Alison's vocals give the mood as always but the instrumental background of the compositions plays the important part as well. Graceful, stylish, absolutely not boring and leisurely at the same time, not devoid of exciting songs, Seventh Tree has become a great continuation of the musicians' career and is sure to bring them more than one award again.