A Joyful Noise

Studio Album by released in 2012

A Joyful Noise review

Original trio Gossip

The modern world brings new ideals one way or another, and these very ideals are being imposed upon huge amount of people. However luckily there have always been bands and musicians who do everything their own way, without paying attention to stereotypes. Gossip is one of these groups, founded in Olympia. The trio had found its path at the very beginning of the twenty first century and the artists keep on writing music, which presents an amazing cocktail of indie-rock, post-punk and dance rock. The entire musical component brings listeners step by step to the main element of the band’s art: Beth Ditto’s voice. Without it all the songs would have sounded in a completely different way, there is no doubt about it. It was quite difficult for the group to achieve the world fame: the Americans’ first two records, in spite of the experts’ high ratings, could not bring the popularity to Gossip. Nevertheless, these long plays helped the trio to establish a wonderful reputation among the lovers of bright and energetic rock. Meanwhile, Gossip’s third studio attempt proved to be extremely successful and skillfully calibrated: not many American bands can be proud of the first line in the British indie-chart. Such an illustrative international breakthrough. The album Music For Men of 2009 strengthened Gossip’s position on the world stage. By the year 2012 the musicians have prepared their brand new studio work, which has already generated lots of buzz.

What shall we expect from A Joyful Noise?

It feels that the musicians of Gossip know perfectly the core meaning of saying “changing, without betraying yourself”. They have been writing very vivid music for more than ten years, modifying ingredients in their creativity from time to time. Curiously enough, but every single time the artists succeed and they get interesting results. Now it is turn of A Joyful Noise to become a target range for new experiments. The long play’s opening act is a mid-tempo track Melody Emergency with a rememberable guitar part. Of course, Ditto’s voice has always been and it still is on the first place, which is a good thing to know, after all. The singer creates fascinating vocal parts that became one of the most significant features of the band. The following composition Perfect World is another proof of the fact that Gossip’s style had been established a long time ago, and now it goes through numerous stages of metamorphosis, and that process is no doubt interesting to follow. Well, Get A Job, for example, is a notable experiment with electronic sound. However that fancy electronic sound was skillfully intertwined with rock motives, and the final result proved to be simply amazing. The song called Into The Wild will please all lovers of low frequencies, because its bass line cannot be ignored or forgotten at all. And again, the main role there is played by Beth, but this kind of permanence seems to satisfy everybody.

Vivid music form Gossip

The long-awaited fifth studio attempt from the trio Gossip saw the light and immediately got into the spotlight of music lovers from all over the world. That album was awaited and people put great hopes on it. Luckily, Gossip remained faithful to their style, so all the expectations of old fans were completely satisfied. All these fantastic features that make the band so much loved did not disappear: sincere and pure energy that comes along with the rock music, quite topical lyrics and complete self dedication. That is not a surprise that Gossip’s army of fans keep on growing every year. A Joyful Noise became a great addition to the band’s discography, and who knows, maybe it will be called the trio’s best creation by fans? Anyways, eleven amazing compositions will be perfect as the bright summer soundtrack. Gossip knows exactly how to cheer people up and this is the very important feature for real rock. In fact, that means that good old rock’n’roll (even in a renewed outlook) is still with us. Make it louder, please!