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Uno review


According to the band itself it’s two more albums to be realized within four months. Why does Green Day bring to grass three albums in such a short period? The question, of course, is interesting. No doubt, for fans, it's going to be gorgeous and generous gift for the New Year. But Californian productivity amazes so much that the natural question of the product quality is coming up. We'll not argue, three years for information gathering and processing is quite impressive term even judging by the standards of commercial mass production, but the total number of songs from three albums is 37 and this fact ignites the good amount of skepticism in our hearts concerning the quality of ¡Uno!, ¡Dos! and ¡Tré!. WE can only rely on the reputation of Green Day, who have charts-killer 21st Century Breakdown, the revolutionary rock opera American idiot LP, Grammy-awardee Dookie and a couple of other mighty achievements. Band's creations usually fully reflect the contradictory nature of the style in which they perform. The very name of pop punk is an oxymoron, because it combines two incompatible warring areas - worldwide, generally accepted and recognized pop culture and narrow, counter-cultural and anti-social punk movement. Whether Green Day remains true to their style and fans, we can tell only upon the completion of 3-LP series, but for the time being part number one.


The album kicks off quite cheerfully, promptly and incendiary, as the composition Nuclear Family meets us. The guys have already made a video clip, and judging by the musical content, it seems logical that this track was created to open the LP. Besides, in this track you can hear the echoes of American Idiot and Cigarettes and Valentines, text tells us - a bomb is set off and the explosion is coming. Energetic, agile track again and again lights the fire of youth in our hearts and with all the foolishness of teenage arrogance makes us understand that everything is ahead - first love and first separation, fights, parties, drinks, occasional meetings and so on, in other words, everything that mad, young, unruly energy is famous for. Stay The Night takes the baton, the song is struggling to be romantic, like his fellow track Fell For You ... well, romantic as punk rock may be. Not too stuck on gentle, snotty feelings Green day does not give us a break and meets us with the third track Carpe Diem, in which we hear good old minimalistic sound, though quite a melodic one. We should immediately notify the aesthetics and poetry lovers and all those who are not familiar with punk movement, comrade Armstrong does not mince his words and gives clear and unequivocal understanding of where one should go and what should do. Girl makes you mad - Billy Joe has detailed instructions for her in Let Yourself Go, you do not like the music at a party - well listen Kill the Dj for the directions. Everything is painfully simple and clear. Spitting out of the energy, especially the accumulated, negative one is guaranteed.


Presentation of the first part of the trilogy gives us a hope that the albums to be realized on November, 13 and January, 14 are going to be in the style of Green Day as well. And maybe we'll get more tracks like Oh Love that in its musical and notional structure is just made for the stadium with thousands of people, where everybody in one voice for a short period of time, prepared in advance by the vocalist, sing along in a single emotional impulse. After listening to the album, there's only one question concerning the change of style, announced by the group - departure from pop punk to power pop that is more melodic and has more vocal harmony, well, The Who motives as the style founders on ¡Uno! are either subtle or completely absent. The arguments on pros and cons of leaving the initial style were always a dead end for the fans, as the band at its core should grow, not only in the musical and financial terms, but also in notional filling. Generation that began listening to Green day in the 90s, and the younger generation should feel a little bit strange watching 35-year-old guys singing about parties, girls and fights. On the other hand, that's why we love them, for the fact that at any time you can return to a carefree, unencumbered by nothing and no one time and spend there our 41 minutes and 44 seconds. Most probably this is the answer why the guys are releasing three CDs instead of one.