Light Grenades

Studio Album by released in 2006

Light Grenades review

Incubus keeps up with the times

American alternative rock band Incubus formed in early 1990s has by now become one of the most popular acts in their native country and abroad. The band’s line up consists of vocalist and percussionist Brandon Boyd, guitarist Mike Einziger, bassist Ben Kenney, drummer Jose Pasillas and Chris Kilmore, playing turntables. The guys have been working on albums with a great persistency and among their records the debut S.C.I.E.N.C.E. and Make Yourself are the most well known. The latest creation A Crow Left Of The Murder has noted some changes in Incubus’ style towards a softer and more lyrical sound, though they have recorded enough heavy songs on it. This November the sixth creation called Light Grenades has been unleashed. The first single off the album is Anna Molly, which has been already appreciated both by the fans and those who knows little of the collective’s creative work. Incubus has been working on the album for more than a year and although their sounding still remains hard and full of energy a number of songs on Light Grenades, definitely continue the tendency that has begun on the previous work. Bravely experimenting with the style Incubus keeps up with the times and remain one of the most successful rock teams to date.

Light Grenades – the best Incubus’ album so far

For many it may well seem that the tracks on Light Grenades are hardly the creations of one and the same band, for each of them has its own peculiarities. Some of the songs are really different from Incubus’ previous works; others are pleasant surprises in the respect of unusual audio effects. The short opener Quicksand is a powerful growing ballad with a bit experimental sounding, while outrageous composition Kiss To Send Us Off is refined with a great drums line and a shouting chorus. A calmer track Dig pleases with a clear and catchy melody, and the first single Anna Molly is a more impetuous song filled with a strong passion, emphasized by a superb bass guitar playing. More radio-friendly ballad Love Hurts is sure to linger in your mind for quite a time due to its memorable beautiful tune and outstandfing high tone vocals. The title track Light Grenades is one of the toughest numbers on the album bearing its main thought – ideas can explode the problems. Lyrically interesting composition Earth To Bella, Pt. 1 surprises with a fine contrast between relatively light verses and a powerful hurricane chorus, whereas classic rock number Diamonds And Coal is perfect in its simplicity and frankness. The best guitar solo can be heard on another aggressive track Rogues, and melodious composition Pendulous Threads immediately enraptures with its almost danceable rhythm. The album ends with song Earth To Bella, Pt. 2, and by the end of the track it is clear that Incubus can do much more than some have expected. With all its power and unique contrasts Light Grenades is well worthy to be called the best Incubus album so far.

The most cohesive work of Incubus

What differs Incubus from many other music collectives is the strive for a better sounding and looking for it through experiment often not to the benefit of the commercial success. Nevertheless the guys always manage to find favor in the eyes of their fans and the new shades of sounding never strike listeners as odd. The only drawback of their records as they admit themselves is the lack of cohesion on them – the songs are apprehended mostly in different ways. This year, however, Incubus has worked hard on this problem and its efforts have been crowned. Album Light Grenades is the most cohesive work of the band and despite the deviations from the style the whole record presents a one whole unit. This time there are less solo parts on Incubus’ work, which they compensate by an excellent instrumentation on each track, a great vocal and the lyrics that long ago became Brandon Boyd’s pride. At the beginning of the next year Incubus will first make a tour around the USA, and then go to perform in the nations of Europe and Asia, including Portugal, Russia and China. After Light Grenades probably we should all be prepared for other changes in the band’s manner of playing and perhaps expect even more surprises.