Another Round

Studio Album by released in 2010

Another Round review

Jaheim’s new musical image

The new-soul star Jaheim found his key to the heart of the audience after the 2006 release of his second long player, Ghetto Classics. He chose himself a role of a bad yet romantically tuned guy and was extremely good at singing love stuff. The contrast between the dirt of the black people neighborhoods and the beauty of the feelings praised in those songs became the main reason why that album turned into an overall hit. At that time, Jaheim could hardly sing about anything different. The 2006 record was strongly autobiographical and you could but believe every word the singer uttered. Since then, he has delivered a number of good albums, including the 2010 long player, Another Round. Apparently, the musician is now working with a new attitude. Jaheim forsook the fascinating bad guy image and refused to come back to the recollections of his uneasy youth years. His fresh record demonstrates Jaheim’s new musical face, and his optimistic side.

Different lyrics to the different music

You could get a good idea of Jaheim’s new musical carnation after the release of the first single off the album under discussion, Ain’t Leavin’ Without You. Pretty simple lyrics about a man who madly fell in love with a fairly woman are written to the dance music, which make it an easy and pleasant listening. This track opens Jaheim’s new alum and charges the whole record with its bright mood that will not leave you during these fifty minutes. The soul-based ballads that once were the artist’s hallmark are not in large numbers here, which might be a surprise to many. The best low-tempo piece here is arguably Bed Is Listening with awesome lines about peace-making between two lovers. Among the tracks of the second group, those made to bring you to the dance floor, you are destined to like Her, and Another Round. The latter is a funny story about tanking up a good deal by the bar counter and ending up a promising evening in the restroom. Rapping in its pure form is a rare thing here. You may discover it only in the bonus track. It is a remix of the opener performed with the help of Jaddakiss. In general, the record contains a lot of material with heavy energetic beats and catchy vocal parts. This does not like the recent Jaheim at all.

Another Round: time to rejoice

Indeed, there is no reason to sink in sorrow. Jaheim has managed to show the wide range of his abilities recently. He is good at both making and producing music; he tried his skills in cinema and modeling. Those who adore his semi-ballad first albums may always take these CDs and turn them on any time they want. Yet those who prefer to observe the professional evolution of this artist should have a closer look at Another Round. Jaheim came up with many new tricks in his last work and made a good record for a good party. Considering the variety of the presented tracks, you will easily understand that this album required more than ever from the guy’s singing that has become richer and stronger. It is always a pleasant picture when an artist is looking for a new space to grow bigger; and Jaheim did it nicely. Another Round is his fifth studio work. This means he already has a considerable experience on the one hand, yet he has so much time and energy to make a lot more in the years to come. We can only support him in it.