Studio Album by released in 2008

Discipline review

Janet Jackson's most mature and deeply thought records

Despite the fact that two years ago American pop diva Janet Jackson celebrated forty years of age her music still remains at the same level as it was at the beginning and at the peak of her career: sensual danceable and slow songs refined with breathing and soft vocals. Nevertheless as the practice has proved this very formula has become the basis of the huge popularity the youngest of the Jacksons has been enjoyed for over twenty years by now, and today she is a successful singer, actress, producer and songwriter. This year the millions' idol releases her new thirteenth album called Discipline on which she presents the concept of discipline in the aspect of feelings and relationship. Besides as Janet has stated herself discipline played an important part in her own life as well. Recently called the most searched person on the Internet by Guinness, Jackson has once again proved that she is always full of new ideas and Discipline is sure to become one of her most mature and deeply thought records.

Arrangements and beats are at the highest level on Discipline

On the greatest part of Discipline Janet gets dancing and even the slower tracks are all filled with sensuality that has already become the integral part of the singer's creative work. Arrangements and beats are at the highest level as always. The new album was produced by such renowned personalities as Rodney Jerkins, Polow da Don, Pharrell, Jazze Pha and Johnta Austin and also the eternal Jermaine Dupri, Ne-Yo and Janet herself. The first single Feedback pleases with the catchy tune and a brilliant contagious beat, and the lyrics tell the main character to react to Jackson's provocations whereas composition Luv is all based on one metaphor concerning cars. The amazing danceable song Rollercoaster will leave nobody indifferent due to the beautiful singing and tune simple and genius, and a pleasant pop composition Rock With U reminds of Kylie Minogue's works a little bit. One of the most exciting tracks of falling in love too deep has become Can't B Good pleasing with a faultless arrangement, while a slow ballad Greatest X is quite reminiscent of song Apologize by One Republic. The apparition of Missy Elliott on The 1 has become a real happiness for many a fan, and this can be called a greatly produced music creation, and the album's longest song has become the title one, a slow composition on which Janet with her characteristic sincerity confesses her lover of the promises she has broken. The record closes with the sexiest song Curtains with a sensual beat and the lyrics which is frank but never goes the limit.

A conceptual album in the best traditions of Janet

Each record by Janet Jackson has an autobiographic character to some extent for singing of what she does not believe in or what she does not feel like doing is against this wonderful performer's principles. Naturally Discipline has not become the exception. Recorded in the best traditions of Janet this album does not only please with pleasant dance music but also with the lyrics in which the frank contents are mixed with practically strict control. This creation's main idea is expressed in its title and this conceptual album lets the listener to see in a different light such important questions as relationship and entertainment. Girls' talking between the songs add to the plot's poignancy and make the record especially lively. Yet the main accent is evidently made on the production. Incredible multilayer beats and perfect arrangements make each song a hit, and Janet's soft vocals combine greatly with all the producers' ideas. It goes without saying that in spite of an age that is far from a young one the singer never ceases shining and her music lights the hearts of an enormous fan base again and again.