Shine On

Studio Album by released in 2006

Shine On review

Australian Rockers’ Sophomore LP

Jet is an Australian rock-bank, whose debut album Get Born, released in 2003, was equally successful among the audience, as well as among the critics. It went platinum, with more than 3.5 million copies shipped. Before, the musicians could not even imagine that they will be performing on one stage with such world famous bands as Oasis and Rolling Stones. The band was formed by the two brothers, Nic and Chris Cester, who grew up in Melbourne, listening to The Who, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Faces, whose music greatly influenced their future creations. Despite Jet being often compared to Oasis, the musicians undoubtedly have their own musical style, which makes them so popular among millions of fans. After their first album was released, the musicians received 7 nominations and 6 awards of the ARIA (Australian Record Industry Association) Music Awards back home. The fact itself may count for their immense popularity and professionalism. In 2003 the Rolling Stones themselves offered Jet to support their tour, while in 2005 the band supported Oasis, this occasion greatly impressing the fans as well as Jet themselves. Having gained the world popularity, Jet released their sophomore album Shine On, which will again please the ears of their admirers and will be interesting to all who appreciate modern rock.

A More Calm and Reflective Album

Compared to Get Born, Shine On is a more calm and reflective album that depicts the musicians’ present inner state. The composition Holiday, with its solid guitar and percussion parts, represents a piece of garage style music that best suits the band. Among the most powerful tracks of the record is Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, the only single released before the album. The track begins with the smooth guitar sound, which is later added by the high vocals of Nic Cester, accompanied by the chorus back-vocals and outstanding drums. Bringing It On Back proves the rise of the band’s professional level, being a profound track with wonderful guitar riffs, subtle lyrics and full-toned instrumental part. Kings Horses is one of the most beautiful and charming compositions on Shine On; performed in a slow mode, it is really appealing due to the sincere vocals and smooth piano chords. Among the obvious hits of the record is the track Shine On, dedicated by Cester brothers to their father, who died of cancer shortly before the beginning of the album’s recording. It is a highly moving composition, revealing true emotions of the musicians and impressing by its depth.

The Musicians Will Not Stop at Two Albums

Immediately after being released, Shine On reached third position in ARIA Albums Сhart and peeked at #16 in Billboard 200, going platinum as well. Though from the moment of Jet’s appearance on the music arena to the moment of Shine On’s release quite a time elapsed, the band did not waste it. They were touring actively throughout the world, receiving the stadiums full of fans and acquiring new admirers. The musicians invested a great deal of effort and time in their new creation, gaining in the end a really solid, wonderfully original and absolutely mature album. Now Jet are ready to tour again, this time planning to perform during the Big Day Out festival, which will take place in Australia and New Zealand in 2007. Alongside with Jet, the festival will be attended by such eminent rock-groups as Tool, Muse, The Killers, and My Chemical Romance. Apart from planning the concert tours, the musicians are full of future plans. It would be natural to assume that the creative potential of the band is far from being exhausted by the two immensely successful albums. And no matter how long it will take them to record their new creation, we can be positive of them not lowering their professional level and pleasing us once again with astonishing rock-music.