Studio Album by released in 2009

JLS review

The new British boy band

The times, when boy bands were emerging each day in big amounts – we mean the early 90s, were a pretty long time ago. Nowadays, the formation of such band is an event worth of vivid attention, especially when the band gives as many hopes as the British quartet JLS. Well, it was a long time ago that the police men had to keep away from the stage the crowds of young female fans of the boy band at its first shows. The guys perfectly demonstrated their skills and talents at the fifth season of the musical competition of X- Factor, although they were only on the second place. And everyone perfectly understood that the debut album of such collective was just the matter of time. No wonder that the artists did not wait too long. After a couple of pop hits and several brilliant performances they gathered in the studio in order to record their first album, which they called JLS as the band – the standard move. The music of the collective, lightly flavored with the R&B elements, surprisingly has no influences as rhythm-and-blues or soul in spite of the fact that the quartet is dark-skinned. Nevertheless, the absence of traditional influences did not prevent the musicians from demonstration of the wonderful vocal chords their race is proud of. Multiplied by the contemporary, elaborated arrangements, the four flexible and forceful voices of the young men created the thirteen memorable pop tracks of the album JLS.

The love croons on JLS

The album JLS firstly will be a definite reason for enjoyment for the devoted fan girls of the collective, which were waiting for the long-play by the band from the moment of their leave of the X - Factor show. The full-length has both the hits that stroke the spectators and the new artists’ creations. Thus, the album starts with the beautiful, heart-felt track Beat Again with the emotional vocals and strong chorus. The British chart topper second pop single Everybody In Love begins as the middle-tempo love ballad with the R&B hooks, but to the chorus it changes into the stadium anthem. However, the single are not the only brightest spots on the JLS disc – you can find many other attractions here. The Euro dance love track Keep You will amuse the listeners with the elaborated arrangement, which is the accomplishment of the producer, and the infectious, vivid beat. Crazy For You is the classical boy band composition – absolutely any girl would be happy to hear that everyone is crazy of her, especially her favorite team. The pop number Heal This Heartbreak, decorated with the flamenco-styled tune and witty lyrics, is also a stylish part of this album. Further, the future third single of the disc follows – it is titled Close To You. The track has the potential of the hit and tells us a fairytale story of a beautiful fan, which enchanted the heart of the artist when he saw her from the stage. The other qualitative and impressing pop tracks, possessing the strong tune, on the album include such love croons with delicate melodies as Only Tonight and Don't Go.

Predictable, but nonetheless firm step forward

There is no doubt that the JLS record will be a success. It is a thought-out from the commercial point of view full-length, which is made thoroughly and qualitatively. But the most important thing about this record is that the artists really enjoy their job, and it can be felt in each second of each track. The vocal gifts of the quartet members are demonstrated to the listeners in the positive sight, while their emotionality is sure to find the respond in the hearts of the devoted admirers of JLS and night club and disco goers. Although the major part of the material by JLS sounds like the classical boy band tracks, all the songs can boast with the contemporary arrangements and beats. This long-play also has identity, which lacks on the majority of nowadays records by pop artists. For example, the disc has the strong influence of Eurodance, which makes JLS original and memorable. They met high expectations after the majestic performances on TV. Thus, it was a had job for the artists – to raise the level of the record in order to answer those expectations, but the thirteen tracks of JLS have none of them put as a filler. You can find here deeply impressing sound and ones that are not that bright – well, it is the standard matter for a qualitative record from the musicians that lack the experience a little. We all know that the experience comes after some time, while the wish to cheer the listeners and beautiful voices with the perfect sense of the rhythm are already mastered by the quartet. In spite of the fact that the members of JLS are only the beginners in their singing career, they are surely going the right direction.