Analog Man

Studio Album by released in 2012

Analog Man review

Career as an object of envy

American rocker Joe Walsh started his career back in the sixties of the twentieth century. He easily established a good reputation of a virtuoso guitarist and a truly creative person. Walsh, by the way, is a social character: his employment sheet proves that just perfectly. The James Gang, Barnstorm, The Eagles, numerous side-projects and participation in his friends’ bands – such hard working is bringing nothing but admiration indeed. At the same time Walsh was busy producing albums, and not some fresh amateur albums – he was working with such masters as Dan Fogelberg and Ringo Starr. The long story short, Joe Walsh orientates in music really well and he knows what the real rock is. The performer’s debut solo work saw the light in 1974, when the musician was only to explore the vast world of art. Since that time Walsh has been regularly pleasing the fans with new solo attempts – that continued up to 1992. Since that time Joe did not release any albums, and only by the year 2012 he finally prepared the fresh long play, which was called Analog Man. It goes without saying that the musician’s faithful fans were eager to get that record and to get acquainted with new material.

Good old rock from Joe Walsh

Well, finally ten years of waiting had come to an end. Here it is, the long-awaited album from maestro Walsh! Who knows what kind of surprises were prepared for listeners? However, considering musical intuition and talent of the performer, the long play’s quality is beyond questioning. The album is opened by the composition called Analog Man, which lets us understand that we are about to enjoy the real, a little bit old fashioned rock. And that is exactly the sound which was so expected and hoped to appear on mister Walsh’ creation. Wrecking Ball is another good rock song with a juicy bass part and rememberable melodies. In fact, in the aspect of melodies Analog Man will easily beat many other albums. Thus, for example, the track Lucky That Way became an amazing proof of the fact that the real rock is still demanded and that it stands its ground firmly, just as it used to do. Freedom to the voice and solo guitar is all that really needed! One must make sure to pay attention to the incredibly beautiful track called Spanish Dancer. This one is rather calm and it will be enjoyed due to its amazing guitar part with Spanish motives. Well, Spanish Dancer can surely remind of Spanish coast, while Funk 50 will bring listeners back to the seventies in the USA, when funk was in the very spotlight. However the journey does not stop here, as soon as Joe Walsh prepared an interesting final chord (not without an unexpected dance rhythm) called India. All in all listeners will find several original features on the album. They are done professionally, so do not worry – there will not be any unpleasant surprises. Only positive emotions and real and sincere rock.

Analog Man as an orienteer for the younger generations

Rock music has always been in the spotlight. Styles were changing, however the genre itself never withdrawed into the shadows. Blues-rock, country-rock, pop-rock… With time there appeared a huge number of styles, but still, the traditional rock remained highly respected, and the creativity of legendary rock bands deserved to be called a reference in many aspects, including composing skills and performing techniques. And here Joe Walsh takes a notable place among the most influential and the best artists. His music had a wonderful impact on several generations, and chances are that nothing is going to change in a recent future. Walsh’ brand new album proved to be of the highest quality, there is no doubt about it. Analog Man has got all the necessary features of a great album, like melodiousness mixed with audacious character, interesting lyrics and compositions to enjoy and remember. Old fans will find several nice surprises, while those, who are just going to get acquainted with the creativity of that amazing artist, will get a lot of positive emotions. Just because it is a sincere music and real emotions, and the art can be only like this.