The High Road

Studio Album by released in 2006

The High Road review

Talented and ambitious

Young singer JoJo surprised the world just a couple of years ago, but considering her age this has turned out quite a big surprise. Joanna Levesque was born in December 1990 and released her debut album named simply JoJo before her turning fourteen, in 2004. The record was classified platinum and brought her world fame of a very promising beginning artist. By this time JoJo has also managed to star in two 2006 Hollywood films (Aquamarine and RV), and this autumn her second creation The High Road has seen the light of the day. On the one hand the name of the new album can be treated as a broad hint at the fact that soon it is high time for the girl to get her driving license, and on the other hand it denotes the young singer’s views on life, that it is important always to preserve one’s dignity. The High Road marks JoJo’s significant musical growth and confirms the presuppositions that have appeared with the release of the debut record. Today it is absolutely clear that a new R&B star is born, able to compete with such experienced long-time favorites as divas Christina Aguilera, Beyonce and others. Talented and ambitious, JoJo is a brilliant example for her age mates and object of sincere admiration for many of them.

The High Road is a real breakthrough in every way

With her feeling for modern tendencies, JoJo has found an opportunity to work with the most successful producers lately, including Scott Storch, Timbaland, Swizz Beatz, Jermaine Dupri, and Ryan Leslie. Despite her young age, the singer demonstrates very mature views and turns to the topics of failed relations for which she blames herself, and there are more optimistic love songs on The High Road as well. Besides, JoJo’s vocals have evidently become more powerful and sounds confidently both when she takes high notes and sings in a lower register. The opener This Time is just about her self-accusations and the lyrics are perfect for this R&B track with a rhythm that makes you dance. The more up-tempo composition The Way You Do Me tells about how to resist the temptation of falling in love with a handsome guy, who might turn out the wrong one for her. The lead single Too Little Too Late also deals with a break-up theme, and here the singer shows how tough she can be when it comes to making decisions, while the title song finds JoJo sharing her thoughts of personal development against the background of a strong infectious melody. One of the most joyful melodies on the album is on track Anything, based on the sample of ToTo’s 1980s hit Africa, and its lyrics just breathe with a positive mood, whereas Good Ol serves for the listener’s slight relaxation leaving a feeling of lightness and freedom. The album, closes with one of the most touching songs Note To God, arousing the strongest emotions with its sincerity. Offering great classic R&B compositions, The High Road is a real breakthrough in every way.

JoJo deserves the highest praise

Unlike many other young performers of nowadays JoJo cannot boast a cloudless childhood, having been born to the family of a blues singer and his wife, who sang in a church choir and worked as a house cleaner. Her parents divorced when the girl was only four, and she has since lived with her mother in New Jersey. JoJo’s unusual appearance is explained by her origin, that includes Native Americans, Polish, Irish ad French roots. All these factors doubtless have produced a strong influence on her unique talent and extraordinary wit. The development of JoJo as a singer and songwriter from the debut album to The High Road is so amazing that we can only guess what is going to expect us on the following creations. It is already known that the artist has decided to work on the new album, but when it is going to be unleashed is yet impossible to state. According to JoJo herself she is not going to release a new album until the age of 18, so that the audience could hear the growth in her music. This decision again demonstrates her ability to see the things in its perspective and strive for being as objective as possible. The High Road has already proved that JoJo deserves the highest praise, and the future works can bring her even more popularity and increase her fan base.