A Little Bit Longer

Studio Album by released in 2008

A Little Bit Longer review

The fruitful activity by Jonas Brothers

Rock trio Jonas Brothers started with the bright debut It's About Time only three years ago. However, the musicians managed to do many things since that. They recorded their second successful disc Jonas Brothers, played in the show episode of Hannah Montana with the rising Disney Channel star Miley Cyrus, put their hand to charity and actively toured along such stars as Avril Lavigne and Backstreet Boys. Besides, Jonas Brothers starred in the picture Camp Rock for the Disney Channel as a boy rock band and finished their third studio attempt A Little Bit Longer. Although the album was initially planned for February 2008,but saw light in early August, its issue was preceded by four magnificent singles - Burnin' Up, Pushin' Me Away, Tonight and the titling A Little Bit Longer. It should be noticed that the Camp Rock movie soundtrack became an independent successful record - thus Jonas Brothers included its tracks into their last support tour repertoire. Besides all these events, the performers got rid of the cliche "Hanson brothers number two", proclaim the healthy lifestyle, which is a needed thing for teenagers, and have grand future plans. Thus, one of the coming projects is the J.O.N.A.S! series, where Jonas Brothers would play young spies.

A Little Bit Longer: the qualitative guitar rock

As in the case with the two previous discs, A Little Bit Longer is a collection of songs, written overwhelmingly by the Jonas Brothers and based in the sound on the classical guitar rock. However, the album is easily listenable due to its pop-based tunes. The long-play opener is the addictive power pop composition Bb Good. The hit single Burnin' Up with the fashionable vibe of R&B will amuse the listeners with the memorable chorus, while the romantic ballad Lovebug is sure to melt even the hundred-year iced hearts with its sincerity and passion. Pop rock track Shelf with the emotional and metaphoric lyrics wonderfully fit the whole conception of the disc, while One Man Show is a surprising song with the melody and energy in the style of Pink. The winding tune Video Girl tells about the girls that want to become famous - among all, it is a witty call for the Jonas Brothers fans not to copy the song characters. It is praiseful that in such a tender age all the Jonas Brothers members are against the glory at any price - well, let's hope this tendency lasts further. Last but not the least, among the A Little Bit Longer songs one should pay attention to such strong hooky teen pop tracks as Pushin’ Me Away, Tonight and the titling track. Overall, all the songs last as long as they need to - there is not even a too long ballad, while the tracks follow each other so smoothly that the disc goes on one breath.

Astonishingly thought-out record

Jonas Brothers definitely grew up, which resulted in a more mature and serious lyrics, especially evident in the romantic ballads with the hooking choruses. On the disc A Little Bit Longer, one will not find songs about teenage dreaming of flying into the year 3000 or alike. Neither has the disc any sexual verses - Jonas Brothers skillfully avoid such compromising topics. Besides, the thorough track disposition, which places the ballads after danceable compositions, shows that A Little Bit Longer was fulfilled with a thoughtful approach - actually, not so many discs can boast of such a clever song succession. A Little Bit Longer received the juvenile jolliness, romance and energy from the previous works by the musicians. And, like on its predecessors, Jonas Brothers took part in writing all the material for A Little Bit Longer. Well, a command of producers definitely helped Jonas Brothers to create the disc, but wonderful harmonies for three voices and excellent play on the instruments are the things that producers are not capable of doing for the artist. These factors made the listeners crazy about Jonas Brothers - actually, there are many other reasons to love them. Besides all the enumerated things, by the release of A Little Bit Longer, the youngest of the Jonas brothers called Frank grew up enough to take his place near the celebrity relatives. Thus, Jonas Brothers are going to become quartet instead of a trio. Frank will also feature with his brothers in the planned for the close future film Camp Rock 2.