Special Company

Studio Album by released in 2008

Special Company review

Josh Kelley does not limit himself with any stylistic frames

Known to the greatest part of the audience as the husband of a Hollywood star Katherine Heigl singer and songwriter Josh Kelley is in fact enjoying the success among all who love sincere and beautiful music for quite a long time. Having released his first collection with his younger brother Charles at the age of 14 this 28 year old artist has achieved great heights today. He has produced himself his third creation Just Say The Word, that came out in June 2006 and this year releases a new record called Special Company. This is the first work since Josh married Katherine, and it is quite probable that happiness still goes on inspiring him. Obviously Josh Kelly does not limit himself with any stylistic frames for the songs on Special Company vary from joyful pop rock to heartfelt soul, and jazz and rock elements are also present here. Naturally the record's main topic has become love, and the plots for his songs the singer takes straightly from life for his muse is now always near him.

Beautiful love songs on Special Company

No matter which song you choose at random on Special Company it will surely be about love, and the absolute majority touch upon the positive side of this eternal feeling. Yet at the same time one should not delude oneself and think that the artist who is still young but already experienced sings only of the lofty: on several compositions Kelly gets quite frank, and there are quite unambiguous images hidden behind beautiful metaphors. The brightest example in this respect has become the title track on which a bold guitar solo is added to the rhymes about intimate relations, and also a sunny and joyful song Masterpiece painting the pictures of a perfectly harmonious conjugal unit. Soul ballads, mid-tempo Unfair and Tidal Wave, a slower one with a complicated melody, are a brilliant example of this talented singer's ability to shift from style to style and a perfect ground to demonstrate his vocals. A rock number Grey Skies is probably the only dark moment on the album telling of the hard times, while piano ballad Stay Awake is one of the most beautiful songs Josh has ever sung, and his wide ranged voice manages to make it sound wonderfully sensual. An optimistic pop rock composition Hey Katie is devoted directly to his wife and refined with the voices in the recording studio at the beginning and at the end, and another slow song Still Gonna Try pleases with the apparition of an acoustic guitar and back vocals. The album closes with almost a jazzy song Fallin In Love With You with tubes prevailing leaving no doubt that Josh Kelly has the power over any genre.

Beautiful songs of the man's simple happiness

Complicated and wonderfully beautiful melodies, honest lyrics, great arrangements make the new album a grand step forward for Josh Kelley. For those who have not yet got acquainted with his creative work Special Company is the best way to do it and maybe discover a new favorite performer. His recognizable and at the same time so variable vocals are impressive and breathtaking and each song becomes an unforgettable experience. Besides his love story that Kelly unfolds before us as if turning the pages of a book is a real example of family happiness, which cannot but please. It might be that some of the details seem unnecessary to somebody but Josh is evidently too happy to keep his mouth shut concerning the things which very rarely can be heard in songs. Very probably it will be Special Company that will become the essential breakthrough for the artist to be talked about not only as the actress' husband but as a successful independent artist. Anyway, on his record Kelly seems to be content with everything, and we are left only to wish him go on like this, keeping in mind to present us with new beautiful songs of the man's simple happiness from time to time.