My December

Studio Album by released in 2007

My December review

Kelly Clarkson's most personal creation to date

When in 2002 Kelly Clarkson became the winner of the first American Idol competition, both the audience and the critics predicted that she would have the future of a pop diva like Celine Dion. Actually debut album Thankful proved to be exactly like that, whereas the second record Breakaway, which within a year turned multi platinum, was somewhat different. Kelly appeared to be a performer of compositions closer to pop rock on it and that was not the end of her searching for style. It turned out however that not everybody around her was happy with that, and the recording of the third work turned into a real conflict with producer. This is where Clarkson showed her ability to fight for her rights of an artist. The singer has won a complete control over writing and selecting the songs and is now ready to present her most personal creation to date, My December. More sullen texts filled with deep thoughts, hard guitars and drums, powerful vocals – all this makes My December utterly different from Kelly Clarkson's previous works, and at the same time many will agree that she has finally demonstrated what she is really able to do.

A wide spectrum of negative emotions on My December

It is obvious from the very first sounds of the album that some significant changes have happened in Kelly Clarkson's vision of music. A more aggressive and really mature album My December surprises with a wide spectrum of negative emotions, although some tracks are not devoid of hope. The first single Never Again has been in rotation since April, it is a magnificent break-up anthem dedicated to a boy friend that has disappointed the singer completely. One Minute tells of a lost love, but the keyboards and softer guitars prompt that there is still a hope for the song's heroine, whereas suffering and darkness are the key feels on a rock composition Hole. The record also has a song devoted to the theme of betrayal, called wittily Judas. Its marvelous instrumental background and simplistic lyrics are sure to make the listeners sympathize the heroine, and the most sensitive might even shed a tear. One of the album's highlights is mid-tempo track Can I Have A Kiss on which Kelly gives her vocals full swing, and another interesting moment is the most sullen composition Haunted, practically an example of Goth-rock. Melodious ballad Be Still tells of how important it is to remain strong in the worst situations. Contrasting with the rest of the album a more light and joyful tune of song How I Feel is a bit deceptive as the lyrics at some points is far from sweet. The album closes with composition Irvine, in which both Kelly's vocals and accompaniment are filled with the sense of vulnerability.

Artistry, sincerity and the depth of thought

Giving comments on her new album Kelly has said that it will not be like the continuation of Breakaway because in most cases sequels are worse than the first parts. Her persistence and stubbornness helped Clarkson get what she wanted. Yet the story about the difficulties Kelly Clarkson had to face in order to have on My December exactly the songs she wanted to has in a certain sense switched the critics' attention from the album's content. Now when the dust settled it is high time to check out the striking changes that happened to the singer since she won the talent competition. Considering the fact that Kelly never thought of a singer's career before it she has become a real professional of her occupation in only five years. As the contest's judges believe Clarkson possesses one of best voices in the world to date, and millions of her fans agree with it. Artistry and sincerity with which each track on My December is performed do not leave anybody indifferent, and the depth of thought expressed with the simplest words do credit to Kelly Clarkson as an author. Taking into account the changes in style and attitude we can only guess what the singer's next creation will be like, and for now we have a great work My December.