Myths of the Near Future

Studio Album by released in 2007

Myths of the Near Future review

Klaxons - new and long-range musicians

Klaxons is a unique band from London, having the perfect chances to become the idols for the million of people, who like the contemporary music. Somewhere between this life and the future, between pop music and rock, Klaxons have built a new magical paradise, where can get everybody, who can dream and don’t think about the dull everyday life. Their debut single Gravity's Rainbow was released in April 2006, but this song didn’t bring the desirable success. The next works from Klaxons such as Atlantis To Interzone and Magick was turned out more formatted and brought them their first fans and the good places in a great number of the world charts. Simultaneously with the preparing of the album, Klaxons was appeared on the stage and playing on different bright festivals. They promoted their style and their music. Step by step, Klaxons moved to their aims. At the beginning of 2007, the English band was released their debut album Myths Of The Near Future. This work has already become the most discussable and ambiguous work. Someone named this disc of Klaxons as the most incredible musical present and the boys themselves – new and long-range musicians. On the other hand, there are people, who criticized Myths Of The Near Future, naming this record as one of the most strange and lunatic albums of the early XXI century.

The album Myths Of The Near Future is taking on a paranormal journey

Listening to Klaxons' music, you can't understand to what contemporary musical trend their work relates. Their style is regarded differently. On the one hand, Klaxons is one of the leaders of the new rave (is a style of music fusing elements of electronic dance music and rock). On the other hand, on their debut album Myths Of The Near Future we can find the notes of pop music. Opener Two Receivers is dark and brooding song, which has the simple structure and composition, but engulfs the listeners and everything around them. The album Myths Of The Near Future is taking us on a paranormal journey through the hypnotized mantra of Magick and via the time lord booze-cruise terrace-chant of Totem On The Timeline. New tracks like Golden Skans and As Above So Below bear up well next to muscular old ones like Gravity's Rainbow and Magick. There are a few electronic sounds on the new album than in Klaxons' early songs. The best things on Myths Of The Near Future are the cover version of the composition Not Over Yet (here it is It's Not Over Yet) and Isle Of Her. The last one is full of the enchanting melodies about the seafarers rowing across the Mediterranean in search of some kind of paradise. What's endearing about the Klaxons is their lack of predictability in the texts and melodies. You get the sense that they don't know exactly what they're aiming and their music come not in the studious, but during their concerts or the recording new songs. All is so energetic and unusual, that after the listening to Klaxons' hits, their audience is sitting in the condition of unawareness for a long time. Myths Of The Near Future is a truly interesting and unpredictable travel around the world in search of the better with the music of Klaxons.

Klaxons and Muse are the fans of each other

The word "klaxon" derives from the Greek word for "to shriek". The boys from Klaxons have a very good vocal and so they justified the title of their band. Having released their debut album Myths Of The Near Future, the members of Klaxons Jamie Reynolds, James Righton, Simon Taylor and added to them Steffan Halperin could rise on the high stage on the world Olympus of fame and proved that the blending of the different styles and a great number of musical instruments could bring the success. Klaxons are playing very strange, but fascinating music, which can help them to increase their number of fans with every passing day. They have the audience not only among the ordinary people, but also among their colleagues in the music world. In the recent interview, Muse said that they are big fans of Klaxons and they are very glad to sing their joint composition with this perfect group. However, the collaboration with Muse doesn't put in the forefront in the Klaxons' future plans. Now they want to go on a tour around the Europe, with a view to promote their debut album Myths Of The Near Future. And with this tour will be complete, Klaxons will start their next project, which, according to boys' words, should be more and more better than their nowadays debut.